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Warning: minor spoilers ahead for DC's Suicide Squad.

This week Suicide Squad wrapped filming in Toronto with the completion of the car chase sequence glimpsed in the trailer, in which Ben Affleck's Batman is riding on the roof of the Joker's platinum purple Lamborghini.

A million articles have been written about Suicide Squad already, mostly about the Joker (Jared Leto) and his twisted relationship with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) - however, one thing that's not been discussed in much detail is the role the other members of the Squad will likely play in the movie. Let's not forget that this is an ensemble, even if Quinn is pretty much a guaranteed scene-stealer.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the comic book origins of 5 other members of Amanda Waller's assembled crew of criminals who are bound to make a big impact in the movie - beginning with the lady herself...

Amanda Waller, the boss with balls of steel

It's no coincidence that the first thing we see of Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad trailer is a close-up of her hand, gripping a steak knife, tearing into a cut of rare steak. This woman is not to be messed with. A hardened widow with a background in politics (she served under President Lex Luthor), Waller is neither villain nor hero, but rather a ruthless tactician who operates on the boundaries of morality.

In the movie, as played by Viola Davis (who'll reprise the role in both Justice League films), Waller looks set to be brilliantly dark and ambiguous - she openly states that, should the mission go wrong, responsibility will be shifted onto the members of the Squad rather than on the government - but it'll be interesting to see exactly what's driving her, who (if anybody) has her loyalty, and whether she has any regard at all for the well-being of the anti-heroes doing her dirty work.

(It's worth pointing out that Waller has previously inserted bombs in the necks of her team members to control them, so she's not exactly Mary Poppins.)

Viola Davis brings the menace to Amanda Waller
Viola Davis brings the menace to Amanda Waller

Katana, the sword artist from the East

Outside of the DC comics fanbase, Katana is definitely one of the lesser-known members of the Squad. As a young woman, she caught the attentions of two brothers, Maseo and Takeo, marrying Maseo and starting a family with him. Takeo returned years later for an epic duel with his brother in which both men and the children were killed. Katana fled to America to fight for justice.

Her role in the movie (played by Karen Fukuhara) is pretty much completely unknown, but given her background it's likely that Katana will act as a kind of moral compass for the rest of the gang. Her particular skill set (she's a master martial artist and swordsman) is also distinct from those of Harley (acrobatics), Killer Croc (super strength) and the others. In all honesty it doesn't look as if Katana will do much driving of the narrative (at least if the trailer is anything to go by), but that doesn't mean she won't be an important part of the Squad.


Enchantress is another character who occupies the grey space between hero and supervillain. Visually, she has a lot in common with another DC anti-heroine, Poison Ivy, but Enchantress' powers are more in line with Marvel's Scarlet Witch. For June Moore, the battle to balance her humanity with the potent villainy of the Enchantress persona is ongoing, and in the Suicide Squad comics she is given a necklace by Madame Xanadu which prevents her from using magic for evil.

Cara Delevingne misses the point of taking a bath
Cara Delevingne misses the point of taking a bath

As with Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad looks like an origins story for this incarnation of Enchantress in which we'll see June gain her magical powers and struggle in her bid to control her darker side. You'd imagine that this inability to keep her evil tendencies in check would make Enchantress a major loose canon, and potentially the one to steer the Squad off-track. If that means a showdown between with Amanda Waller is on the cards, you won't hear me complaining...

In part two we'll look at Deadshot and more of the gang. Until then, you can relive the Suicide Squad trailer in all of its grimy glory right here.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing on screen - Waller, Katana or Enchantress? Let me know in the comments...


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