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Try to connect the subtle things.
Nicholas Berry

When I say best I mean the most all around super hero. Whether its kicking Darksied's butt or taking on the toughest villains in the DC universe; Batman always has a way. Now let me start off by saying that yes Batman is a human but he's not just any average Joe (no offence Joe). His intelligence proves that he can do without his kick ass gadgets, and his combat is just beyond comparison to any other trained human. He has mastered all the martial art forms and makes all of them look easy. Even though (as i said before) he can live without his gadgets, but they do help. The billionaire playboy bruce wayne can definitely afford to blow a few million dollars creating the batman. So what makes Batman a unique hero besides the fact that he is fully human? Well he doesn't kill. MEANING HE IS NOT A HYPOCRITE. He tries to enforce justice and stop criminals from killing without killing them.

But how does all this make him the most all around ass kicking hero? Well he can get himself out of any situation, basically defeated gods, is a mastermind and lastly never gives up. Anything or any one that faces him will be sorry they did. He won't back down from the fight until he has won or until he is dead, which only happened a couple times (to be exact 11 times).

Know some of you might hint at superman being the stronger out of the two heroes but I disagree and let me tell you why. Superman has one weakness that is a material object, while Batman's weakness is the fact he is human and the fact that he doesn't kill. But which of the two has a weakness easier to abuse? Well think about it... If Batman just gets a hold of kryptonite then its very well over for Superman and judging by Batman's status, that won't be too hard. While Superman would physically need to beat Batman which is in fact and in reality harder to do than find a mystical rock. Know you might say, "As soon as Batman even shows his kryptonite to Superman, Superman would have already killed him." Well ever heard of going incognito and I'm sure the people who have played the Batman series would understand that Batman is pretty good at it. Or he could make a gadget, or he could make army of batman robots, or he could, or he could... I could go on and on.

Well I just hope all the Superman fans shut up about him beating Batman in the next Batman vs. Superman movie. All in all BATMAN FTW.


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