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I personally love low budget films , they can be a total sloppy mess or something special a low budget director made . And I believe that is the case with All Hallows Eve.

"YES" the acting is atrocious , the script can be crap at points but the directing to this movie gave it a re watch value like the original Evil Dead film directed by Sam Raimi .

The story to All Hallows Eve consists of a young boy Trick-R-treating on Halloween night , with his baby sitter and sister. When the three get home they find a video tape in the boys bag which consists of scary images or what they believe is just a typical scary movie. This concept is very simple !, It truly sounds like a cash grab horror film with a non original concept .

But the director for the movie new what type of movie he was making but made it so over the top that it got genuinely creepy at points especially with the character Arts The Clown, a terrifying fictional clown who almost takes the form of a street mime . the character does not talk but uses facial expressions to intimidate or give you hints on how he is feeling . Which at points can give you the honest creeps.

If you are personally looking for a decent Halloween watch i would recommend this film to you to give you a good Halloween movie , it has the creepy ass clown, the halloween elements and a fun concept , with some terrible acting to laugh at a perfect way to spend Halloween night .


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