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Sarah R Davies

Chapter 2: Discovering Something Amazing

Logan's POV

I found something rather interesting today. I was in my mother’s study looking for a book to read when I found a box full of videos. Each one read ‘The Hunger Games’ and had the year and victor of that year on it. I also almost had a heart attack when I found one that read ‘The Hunger Games 50, Haymitch Abernathy’.

I was astounded. I knew Haymitch had trained my parents but I never knew he was actually a tribute. He won when the Hunger Games was in its fiftieth year. Every twenty five years there was a special Hunger Games known as the Quarter Quell. In the first Quarter Quell, twenty five years of the Hunger Games, you voted for tributes. In the second Quarter Quell, fifty years of the Hunger Games, they sent in double the amount of tributes. That year Haymitch and a woman named Maysilee Donner were sent from District 12 as well as two others. In the third Quarter Quell, seventy five years of the Hunger Games, they did the reaping as usual, but they had to reap the tributes from their pot of victors. My parents were sent back that year after winning in the seventy fourth games.

And then I found the weirdest thing yet.It was a newspaper clipping. Quite old as well. Some corners were folded or ripped and the picture was of a beautiful girl. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen with long dark hair in a braid down her back. Beside her, holding her hand was a tall boy with blonde hair, about the same age as her.Then I got the biggest shock of my life. Underneath the picture was the heading ‘The star-crossed lovers from District 12. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.’ I couldn’t believe it.The beautiful girl in the picture was my mother. And the boy standing next to her, without a care in the world is my father.

They couldn't have been much older than Willow in the picture and they looked so happy. But whatever star-crossed lovers meant I didn't know. Unless it was a clue to how things between them really started.


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