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Although Frozen 2 is a long way from release, rumours are already flying about what the anticipated sequel has in store for Elsa and Anna. With many of the cast confirmed to return, we can expect that the sequel will explore many of the same issues as the original, as well as featuring a new adventure for the sisters to embark upon. But the appearance of young Elsa is really intriguing fans: Eva Bella, who voiced Elsa as a child in Frozen has revealed that she will also return for the sequel. So what does this mean for the plot of Frozen 2? We have some ideas!

It's Flashback Time!

The most obvious answer, of course, is that we'll see a flashback to when Elsa and Anna were children, before the tragic accident that changed their lives forever.

Happier times
Happier times

A flashback might be a good move for the film: it would remind us of the sisters' connection and all the happy years they had together. This would also give the writers the chance to build on Elsa's backstory, and why she had powers to begin with. Maybe we'll see more of the girls' parents, or other relatives: could these ice powers run in the family?

BUT before you start singing about snowmen, let's consider whether this plot is really likely. Eva Bella is the only young actor confirmed to return for Frozen 2, while there's no word on whether Anna's actress will reprise her role too. So, not much in the way of proof. Also this might be treading old paths - we know the sisters' backstory already! Wouldn't this just be a repeat of the first film?

Plus, there's lots more interesting ways to use young Elsa in the plot...

De-Aging Spell!

So here's the idea: Elsa and Anna are off on some adventure to save the day, and Elsa falls prey to some kind of sorcerer or enchantress and BOOM! Suddenly she's 10 years old again.

This would be a fun twist to the tale! Anna and Kristoff would have to try and reverse the spell, while Elsa would have to adjust to being young again. Imagine the problems as Elsa tries to rule Arendelle as a child! Or maybe Anna would try and hide the young Elsa while they figure out what to do (after years of being locked away, I can't imagine Elsa being ok with that).

Locked away again.
Locked away again.

This may actually be a really nice development story for Elsa: after all, her childhood was pretty much taken away from her. And after Anna and Kristoff can't find a way to break the spell, maybe this is the key: Elsa locked away her childhood self, and the only way to free herself of the curse is to learn how to embrace joy and have fun! We already know we're seeing a lighter side to Elsa in Frozen 2. Could this be how Elsa learns to let her demons go?

Facing Herself

Or perhaps Elsa will come face to face with her younger self, again probably because of a spell. This would allow her to resolve her childhood issues, as well as being poignant. Or maybe we'll see something totally off the wall, like time travel! The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to find out how young Elsa fits into the plot puzzle that is Frozen 2.

Do you have any Frozen 2 theories? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


What does young Elsa mean for the plot?


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