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Joshua David Rock

So most of us know what Monsanto does and if you don't you should look into it... seriously. If you know you most likely do not agree with how they go about enforcing their corporate grip on what we are allowed to eat and go after small time farmers and local food vendors that offer their goods to concerned citizens.

That being said I have made my mission one of compassion for every man woman and child to win back their freedom from chemically manipulated food products to nutritious non GMO foods.


1. Superior Intellect: I am sure it would take quite a bit of brain power to get into Monsanto let alone rise to a position in which any good can be done to effectively bring the company down. Therefor I would need a superior intellect to gain status within the evil corporation. I chose Bruce Banner as an example because as a scientist he is a genius at chemical reactions and genetic manipulation. He also has a bone to pick against people asserting power against those less fortunate.

Bruce Banner:  The man with a bone to pick.
Bruce Banner: The man with a bone to pick.

2. Money and prestige/influence: I am sure if I were to get anywhere near the top of the "food chain" within Monsanto I would need to, as they say, grease the wheels with both the middle man and the top executives as well as those with political influence. For that reason I am combining wealth and influence as the one and the same trait. Some may say that this is not a skill. Tell that to Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. However, as an example of this trait I am using Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias as an example of what this person may act like. Sometimes to blend in with the villains you have to become, for a time, the villain.

Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias:  Smart, rich, ass hole.
Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias: Smart, rich, ass hole.

3. Uncompromising sense of justice: With all the money coming your way to keep the cogs in motion in Monsanto the temptation to turn against your own campaign would become quite a struggle I am sure. As a corporate mogul at the time to bring your vision into motion you may begin to have second thoughts about having to give up your three houses in the Hamptons. That is why this trait is the most important. For this trait I will use the only person I see fit as an example of what it would take... Captain America.

Captain America:  Justice is blind, he sees truth.
Captain America: Justice is blind, he sees truth.

So what do you think readers? Is it time we stop letting the powers that be tell us what we can and cannot eat or drink? Let me know in the comments if you think I am right, wrong, paranoid, or otherwise.


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