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Man of Steel, a movie that came in 2013. Two years in the superhero movie industry is too much time to wait to play a catch up game. Two years ago Marvel was beginning Phase 2, and by the time the sequel to the DC extended universe and not direct sequel to MOS ([Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)) is released, Marvel will be initiating its phase 3. But we are not here to talk of Marvel; personally I love the MCU but that doesn’t make me any less DC fan.

Next year we are getting two DC movies and as we have seen Batman vs Superman will have addressed much of the so called mistakes of Man of Steel and that is a good thing. We have a studio that cares about fan criticism. They care to make a product we really like as fans. This is a good thing, but after watching 8 times or more (literally) the MOS film, I think that I have understood some things about the principal errors of the movie and I want to share it, with you.


The "Black Zero" event in Metropolis
The "Black Zero" event in Metropolis

1. The destruction of Metropolis is a direct consequence of the actions of the “Superman”. The activation of the Kryptonian Scout ship that gave our position to Zod:

Well this is true, Superman activated the scout ship, and superman indirectly gave our address to Zod. But we have to remember that the US ARMY was already on site, they were already searching for this ship. What is the issue with that? I think that in a matter of time, the US army would have found the ship. I can speculate that with or without Superman, Zod would have found earth, but why? Reverse Engineering my friend, the army in search for understanding the kryptonian technologies, would have activated the ship, meaning it would send the distress signal to Zod. That scout ship was a ticking bomb just waiting for the right time.

I can only think of a same or worst scenario happening, Zod coming to earth, asking for Kal-El, Clark ignores he’s Kryptonian so he would never have come up with a plan of the phantom drives to save the day. Just think of the possibilities of this. We have seen in comics; Superman Red son for an example, how can the US government reverse engineer the green lantern ship and use it.

Faora was one of the best parts of this film.
Faora was one of the best parts of this film.

2. “Why do Faora / Zod ask for Lois Lane presence on the kryptonian ship? How convenient!”

This always troubled me, without proper analysis you can think the kryptonians didn’t have any reason of calling Lois to the ship. But hear me on this, the kryptonians studied us before even contacting us, I can think of them entering the whole internet, learning our culture, our history, our way of life. For what purpose? First finding Kal-El and the codex, also to learn about the weaknesses of a potential enemy and their capabilities; reason why they decided to strike on Metropolis, being the economic center of the human race (maybe?).

So If they communicated with us, via RSS feeds (You are not alone message, by Zod) I’m completely sure the reason they call Lois to the ship is to have a plan B, they knew she was the reporter that leaked the information of the alien and the ship. They knew she was there on the scout ship, so if Superman didn’t cooperate with the Codex information, they have her, the only known human that had information of Kal-El. I think this is reason enough?

The "confession" scene
The "confession" scene

3. Why didn’t Superman go directly to Jor El when Zod appeared, instead he asked a priest for advice.

Rookie mistake, he didn’t knew how dangerous was Zod, he thought he knew all he could learn from Zod from Jor-El. But from the conversation he had with the priest, I think Kal knew the purpose of Zod, Jor-El told him he was send here to be the bridge between species. He knew Zod came seeking him to rebuild Krypton. But at this point he wasn’t sure if he could be the bridge between kryptonians and humans, after all, in the movie is showed how bullied he was, how different to humans he felt. The reason he came to this priest, he didn’t need Jor-el advice at this point. He needed a human advice. The priest told him to have faith on humans, which he had because he surrendered to Zod.

At this point I can only see how misunderstood Superman and his movie is by the critics and some fans. He is not the All American Scout boy we used to see, when he found who he really was, he didn’t jump to action, he didn’t put the cape, he instead went back home with Mama Kent and helped her, did he just wanted a normal life? Watch Kansas football games and all that stuff… I don’t know, but I can see how the appearance of Zod obligated him to be Superman.

He didn’t even control his powers at his full, and yet he chose to save humanity.

Fight scenes on MOS are simply awesome.
Fight scenes on MOS are simply awesome.


What do you think? Was Man of Steel misunderstood all this time?


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