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The Walking Dead is my passion, though I also read a number of other diverse titles.
Sidney Gallinger
...ends to kill him, even if that's what the Alexandrians want. I think that there will be a tension between them, the group, and Morgan, however I feel that Rick will do something (like save them from a megaherd of Walkers, hmmmmmm? ;)) that makes them see him as a leader again. Rick and Morgan reunite in Alexandria in the comics and form a bond though both men have changed And, ultimately, Rick is presently the only character whose story is guaranteed. Kirkman has stated that he was not nearly done with his story, and that it would continue until he had, though that he might take it elsewhere after. I don't think he would consent to them killing off Rick for this reason as they do work very closely with Kirkman to stay moderately true to the comics. Maybe I'm at a slight advantage because I've read the comics and can trace a linear sequence of events to come based on the previous season's easter eggs, announcements, trailers, and speculation. Regardless, Rick isn't going anywhere for at least a few seasons.

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