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It's not often that a horror series can boast the endorsement of a world leader, but that's just what Hillbilly Horror Show has accomplished. With one swish of his new Pyongyang Mane mullet hairdo, Kim Jong Un - the supreme leader of North Korea - gave his blessing for the release of Hillbilly Horror Show Volume 4 on Indieflix!

Not only has ol' Kim endorsed Volume 4, but he's even agreed to swap places with Cephus! Their great cultural exchange program will be bringing the North Korean supreme leader to the trailer park to hang out with Bo & Lulu in Volume 5. Meanwhile, Cephus is headed overseas to hang out at the Pyongyang Palace!

Besides some Bama ice fishin', here's what you'll see in Volume 4:

Volume 4 begins in a strange way with STRANGE THING...keep those doors closed! Next, Bo & Cephus take a hilarious, horror-filled romp into the not-so-blissful side of marriage with 'TIL DEATH. After that, we've got a deliciously horrific feast with FOODIE, and round things out hanging the curves in THE HOURGLASS FIGURE.

You can check out all the fright-filled laughter on Indieflix on Roku, or via online streaming, through the link below!

Watch Volume 4 for Free Now on IndieFlix!

And be sure to check out the awesome gear available for sale at the Hillbilly Horror Show website!


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