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I Figured the best way to start off my writing on here would be to create a list of my favorite films, just to enable you to gain an insight of the kind of things I like in a film. Some of these films are the typical ones you would expect to find in a top 10 list, however I hope to surprise you with some others. I've added some brief explanations too. So lets get started;

10. Armageddon - The first time I watched this film I was skeptical about it, however after watching it my mind was changed completely. I am no major fan of Bruce Willis but his performance alongside Ben Affleck's was truly emotional. This also being a film with many thrilling and comedic moments.

9. Any Given Sunday - I do thoroughly enjoy most films revolving around American football, but this one is just about the best. Al Pacino's inspiring speech within the movie is enough to put it straight onto this list, even with other elements of the film not being so good.

8. The Raid - By far the best action film I have seen, some of the martial arts within the film are phenomenal with an original plot line to go alongside it.

7. Shutter Island - A film to mess with your head, but once you truly understand what is going on you can greatly sympathize with DiCaprio's character. The main reason this film makes the list is that it makes you ask a question at the end of which nobody knows the answer too.

6. Lord Of The Rings (Return Of The King) - Other than Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, this is by far the best trilogy out there and the last film confirms that with it's epic battles but also Frodo's individual struggles on his journey to Mordor.

5. Back to the Future 3 - An example of a film trilogy done right. Each sequel was better than the last. In the third installment we got a mind boggling time travelling adventure combined with a brilliant western film.

4. The Dark Knight - The second of the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy makes it onto the list. Though I feel this film is on par with the third in the trilogy, the phenomenal performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker makes this a solid fourth on my list.

3. The Shawshank redemption - It still amazes me that there are people who are yet to see this movie, I have nothing more to say other than the fact you must watch it.

2. The Wolf Of Wall Street - DiCaprio at his best, this film ticks all the boxes with it being a true story but also hilarious, meaning it gets a well deserved second place.

1. Fight Club - The characters created in this film are some of the best characters I have ever seen on the big screen. Any film that makes me ask questions of morality deserves a well worthy mention, but this film can be seen portraying the average daily struggle of life as well. There are countless reasons it is number one on my list, whether it be the outstanding twist towards the end, the reckless Tyler Durden (brilliantly played by Brad Pitt) or the action seen in the grimy underground fight clubs, this film is truly great.

So there you have it, my favorite 10 films.

Just missed the list;

11. Dead Poet Society

12. Star Wars

13. The Dark Knight Rises


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