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Fallout 4 is the upcoming fourth edition of the post-apocalyptic, open world Fallout series, developed by Bethesda. Set in a sparse and barren land following a nuclear war that has left you, the sole survivor of refuge Vault 111.

A blank slate, new beginnings are options many of us wish for but seldom see, Fallout 4 grants that wish to the masses but sometimes getting what you wish for is not always for the best.

Avoiding the radiation and mutated enemies is a mere slither of the obstacles that you will face in this crippled world. Society as you knew it is gone, you must beg, borrow and steal to survive.

This promises to be one of the biggest games of 2015 and there are quite literally a million reasons I could give you as to why you need Fallout 4 in your life but as that may be just a little excessive, I have narrowed it down to 6.

6. Home Is Where the Heart Is

Coming to Fallout 4 is the ability to build - a brand new aspect that will add hundreds of hours to gameplay.

In the new game, you can build your own house on your own plot of land, just make sure you include defences, to protect you from those pesky bandits. The bigger and stronger your house is the more they will come running to tear down your property. Build generators to get electricity, built in plumbing to save you using the darn outhouse and you can even build a doghouse to keep the new improved Dogmeat warm.

By scavenging different bits and pieces from throughout the wasteland you can make your own small space in this vast new world with the new, and extremely awesome crafting system.

Build an empire. Throughout the wasteland that is home to Fallout 4, you can create more than one place to call your own; you can even link them up with trading caravans. So, hollow out your own corner of the not so square world that is Fallout.

5. Customising Armour

You can now choose what you do with your armour and change between the different pieces that can be collected. This could include switching between different chest pieces or upgrading as you get better ones throughout the gameplay.

All pieces have different specialities and now power armour can even be equipped with jetpacks, so nobody can stop you flying away when things get a little sticky.

The armour is divided into subsections - left leg, right leg, chest, left arm, right arm and head -for easy modding.


The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (or VATS for short) from Fallout 3 will make a comeback in Fallout 4.

This lets us slow down time, aim for a specific part of our target and fire, certain body parts have a higher chance of hitting. Getting those 'critical' hits won’t be left up to fate anymore, either.

There is now a critical bar at the bottom of the screen that the player can monitor. When it's full the player can utilise it in the form of a wish. Having high luck helps fill the meter faster.

This means that the tactical strategy element is still present in Fallout 4, basically allowing you to take a moment to choose which of the targets you want to hit, and where you want to hit them.

3. Customisable Character With A Voice!

In Fallout 4 you can customise your character like you would mould clay. I personally think this will lead to some hilarious outcomes. You can choose a part of the face and sculpt it as you please, changing skin colour, nose type and the shape of the face.

You can change such things as the beard type on the male character (you can also play as a female) to such types as ‘Lone Wanderer’, or ‘Daddy O’.

Another notable point worth mentioning is that now the protagonist has a voice. With over 1000 names recorded by the many voiced characters will customise your very own personal gaming experience. Unless you have a truly unique name, chances are you will hear your name shouted out a lot in Fallout 4.

2. Customizable Weapons

A large world needs large guns. The game features around 50 base weapons for the player to use. However, this is not all; players can customise these weapons with as many as 700 modifications!

Anything you want can be made from salvaged parts that are collected from around the map. Previously useless items like Teddy Bears can now be used to upgrade your weaponry and make you awesome!

1. Your New Best Friend

Remember that dog in the teaser? Her name is Dogmeat and she is now your new best friend. As a dog lover, this is the pièce de résistance of Fallout 4!

Your new best friend can act as a retriever, a guard or even a weapon. Dogmeat will take on the scavenger tasks that you just cant be bothered to do. And fear not all you other dog lovers out there, Dogmeat cannot be killed.

This is going to be a totally life altering experience. With over 400 hours of gameplay and almost limitless combinations of construction, I foresee that Fallout 4 will outlast any other title releasing in the coming years.


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