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Here at Moviepilot, we love trivia. So get ready for some challenging comic book questions spanning the last century. Think you know your superheroes? Let's see. Here's the challenge: I'm going to give you a hero, and you're going to tell me which comic book and which year they first appeared. Ready to get started? Let's begin with an easy one.


Batman/Bruce Wayne

Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, way back in 1939.

Did you get that one right? Let's see if you do so well on the rest. And don't forget to let me know how you did in the comments!


Iron Man/Tony Stark

Tony Stark built his Mk. I suit in Tales of Suspense #39, in 1963.


Wonder Woman/Diana Prince

Diana Prince flew into comics in 1941 with All-Star Comics #8.


Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Our friendly neighborhood webhead swung his way into comicdom in 1962 with Amazing Fantasy #15.


Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel

The hammer-wielding harlequin actually was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, but her first comic appearance was The Batman Adventures #12 of 1993.


Wolverine/James Howlett

Logan started his comic book tenure off with his arch-rival Hulk in The Incredible Hulk #180, in 1974.


Deadpool/Wade Wilson

The Merc with the Mouth made his debut in 1991 with The New Mutants #98.

How was that? Not too terrible, and maybe you learned a thing or two about some of the classic comic book characters. Didn't see a character you like? Not to fear, there's always room for a sequel. Till the next quiz, superhero aficionados!


How many did you get right?


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