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“Kicking ass and taking brains!” CW’s new hit series iZombie has dropped their first official poster for season 2. Set to premiere on October 6th this awesome looking image featuring a smirking Liv Moore is guaranteed to excite iZombie fans everywhere.

With the premiere of season 2 fast approaching most of us are getting our first look at a new image promoting the return of Liv Moore the titular character in the television adaptation of iZombie, a graphic novel penned by Chris Roberson with artist Michael Allred. I say most of us because attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Con. will recognize the image as it was used on posters handed out during the cast signing that took place at the event. Take a look at this awsome poster courtesy of , and let me know what you think?

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iZombie returns to TV October 6th on CW.


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