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When it comes to villains, Batman has a very diverse and interesting selection of adversaries. Now a new frontier has opened up for us, we have besides Batman vs Superman, three new Batman movies that are all coming our way in the next few years.

So who will play Batman's nemesis?

Let's find out!

#5 Poison Ivy

One of Batman's greatest female villains. The great thing about the DCCU is that they are doing something that just has never been done, whether bringing the two giants of the comics and pitting them together for two and a half hours or introducing Wonder Woman to us for the first time on the big screen. So the DCCU is different, and fans accept and welcome that. So why not? A superhero movie with a female antagonist. Now I know what you're thinking, they're many examples of that!


Or Her?

All valid examples, but keep in mind these ladies are not the main antagonist. I'm calling for change, and I'm betting on Poison Ivy to deliver.

#4 Clay Face

This guy is like Sandman except he's wet thus the clay...

Anyway he's not so popular, but he does have that it factor. The braun, the muscle, the towering stature. It would be perfect for Batfleck to face a villain who is not only supernatural but virtually immortal.

#3 The Joker

They were destined to this forever...

Batman vs Joker in the last trilogy was one of the most memorable moments of the trilogy. Granted we will be introduced to the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, there is no reason why the Joker could not be introduced and then torment Bruce Wayne's life right?

#2 Deathstroke

Deathstroke is one of the coolest villains to ever come out of DC, and many fans have been aching to see him face Batman, and even for his own movie. Who knows? Maybe he gets both.

#1 Red Hood

Heavily teased in the trailer for Batman vs Superman we do know that a Robin does exist in the DCCU. We also have a Joker, and a case with a Robin suit as well as a message that explicitly states and I quote, "You let your family die!"

Do I need to connect the dots?

This storyline if adapted, I believe could become an instant fan favourite.


Who would you like to see the Batman take on?


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