ByPheonix Armon, writer at
Pheonix Armon
... it is not in front of other children. Are you kidding me? So I assume these same people cover up their pets nipples and make them nurse any pups or kittens in a closet. Mammals feed their young by breast. before the invention of the bottle and powdered formula guess what all mothers breast feed their kids. Now yes i can see not doing it on a counter while ordering food. But tell me this how many times have you seen a nipple while a baby is feeding? I bet the answer is zero. See i think the real problem is we have been taught so long that breast are a sexual thing that we forget that it is really a part of the life cycle. As a whole we need to grow up and quit shaming mothers for doing what they are supposed to take care of their babies food needs. One last thing as real men we need to support mothers who work hard, keep their house in order, run errands, while most guys whether you are a bf, father or husband, mostly don't help. then on top of that they give us the attention we crave, even when we don't deserve it. And last but not least keep up with a babies demand for food through breast feeding that is amazing and they should not be bullied for it.

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