ByMarcus Jackson, writer at
Now Nicki was right in how the VMA has a tendency to ignore women who are above a size 0 and to be quite frank very few women in the world are and those that are really aren't that sexy and they are far from role models. No one should have to starve themselves to be accepted by mainstream. Taylor understood this and it why she quickly apologize for her misinterpretation. Miley tried to turn it about race which it wasn't, but it actually should be about! Brown, black, and asian is 40% of america and it should be shown at the awards. If you watch the VMA's you would think this country was all white. Now everyone has different taste in what they find attractive in a woman but any man who says he doesn't like a woman who has ass, and breast with curves like a bottle, is gay!......period. That's like getting sunshine without the sun who wants that. If a woman has big breast and no butt you are missing half or a woman with no breast but a big butt. You want everything as a man. That's like a woman saying she wants a man with a great body but no penis it is ok for a moment but then you start knowing you missing alot lol. So for all you white, black, brown, green women out there who talking about Nicki saying her body ugly and you got a flat ass your man is smiling with you saying yes babe and he has a woman who is built like that on the side or thatss who he is dreaming about when he is fucking jokes on you

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