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Dani Waters

This is an amazing story about my grandmother Patricia Marshell. A week before her passing she told my aunt she had 7 days left with us. Since she had Alzheimer's we shrugged it off. With in a few days she quit eating and was admitted to the hospital at 90 pounds. After a few days in the hospital her doctor told us she is at the end of her journey. She than was admitted to a hospice center.

She kept telling the family she was scared of not going to heaven. At one point when they went to turn her the nursing staff told us she was passing. We all gathered around her telling her it was ok. She could pass on. All she could say was "in trying to cross over but they won't let me." After that incident they kept her sedated. It was now on day 6 of not eating or drinking and day 5 of her prediction of her death. That night my mother prayed for a sign that her own mother was going go be ok. She prayed for a sign. The next morning on day 6 while holding her hand my mother found this amazing Mark on her mothers finger in the shape of a perfect cross. It turned out it was her veins! We all were amazing, it was a true miracle! The very next day she passed on. Exactly on day 7 like she predicted.

After my experience with my grandma's passing it strengthened my fait and showed me the Lord was with my grandma and family in the final days.


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