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"Hal Osterly, Vice President, Jim Drucker, bad hair, Erica Brand deserves better, Hal, Jim, Erica, Hal, Jim, Erica, and I am Claire." That is how we are introduced to Claire Dearing (portrayed magnificently by Bryce Dallas Howard) - the career driven, immaculately dressed control freak director of operations in Jurassic World. From the get go, Dearing is presented to the viewer as being worried about the tinyiest details. However, the character goes through an important transformation over the course of the film and that is what I am about to discuss.

Welcome to Jurassic World
Welcome to Jurassic World

When we first meet Dearing, she is attempting to get sponsorship for an attraction. There is no doubt in our minds that she is great at what she does. However, we begin to see issues arising with her throughout the film. She may appear perfect on the outside, but she has her flaws. She is obsessed with succeeding at her job that she neglects the other things in life, most notably her nephews: Zach and Gray.

Control is an issue that is heavily associated with her character: She is obviously in control at her work, overseeing decisions and closes deals. Furthermore, Dearing earlier appearances in the film almost always take place in the control room, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Moreover, Owen Grady informs us that Dearing had "an itinerary for a night out" which she replies to with "I'm an organised person". This indicates that she likes to be in control of everything, even in her personal life. Additionally, when Mizrani asks Dearing about the theme parks status, her reply is oversaturated with several statistics and costs. Mizrani, however, was more interested in the dinosaurs themselves, leaving her a little clueless as how to reply. This leads us to believe that she has issues connecting with people outside her job, later confirmed when she has the awkward encounter with Grady. Speaking of dinosaurs, it becomes clear that to Dearing, the animals are merely part of her job. She most definitely does not see them as living creatures and despite claiming that she is "fully aware they're alive", she often refers to them as "the assett". Grady is offended when Dearing suggests that he "controls the raptors", and he understandably responds with "It's all about control with you. I don't control the raptors, it's a relationship based on mutual respect", which is perhaps the most truthful line in the film.

As Dearing begins to loses control, it becomes apparent that she doesn't like to function without her itinerary. This is firstly suggested when she discovers a Pachycephalosaurus "roaming outside the zone" and gets stressed over the situation. Furthermore, when Grady suggests a plan to stop the Indominus Rex, she yells at him "You are not in control, here". The irony here is that neither is she.

The situation changes when Dearing finally accepts that she is not in control. Her change is metaphorically represented by her changing appearance. Gone is the perfectly straightened hair and the immaculate white clothing. Enter the new Claire, a badass action hero who ends up saving everyones lives. Once Dearing lets go, she becomes more focused on staying alive and rescuing her nephews. Moreover, when Dearing and Grady comfort the Bracchiosaurus in it's dying moments, Dearing finally sees the dinosaur as more than just an "asset". Perhaps what Grady said about mutual respect with the dinosaurs influenced Dearing, as it is her who saves the day by setting the T-Rex on the Indominus.

Badass: Claire following her transformation
Badass: Claire following her transformation

To conclude, Claire Dearing undergoes an incredible transformation halfway through the film. The extremely feminine girl with perfectly straight hair who is afraid of mosquitos evolves into to a female action hero that could rival Sarah Connor. As Mizrani said, the key for Claire to make this transformation was to merely accept that she was "never actually in control".


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