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The marketing for Batman vs Superman is gonna ramp up sooner rather than later as we get closer and closer near it release date. With that marketing should come one last final trailer that should get us incredibly hyped for the film. So with that being say, what should the third trailer for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) contain for us faithful fans.

Superman's perspective

The next trailer needs to show us a look into Superman's perspective of the events unfolding in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We need to see how he feels since what happened in Metropolis and how the whole world is pretty divisive upon the arrival of Kal-El. So far with the past two trailers we have gotten all we've seen from Superman is facial expressions, flying and fighting Batman. We need to hear him express how he feels about everything in the next trailer.

Dialogue between Batman and Superman

It will be epic if the third trailer showed us dialogue between Batman and Superman and how the two opposing figures feel about each other(well we already know how Batman feels). Maybe Superman tells him that he is not the enemy but Batman doesn't buy it and tells him you are a potential threat that needs to be taken care of or Superman doesn't agree with Batman methods of handling crime; e.g. (branding criminals). Now hearing dialogue between Batman and Superman isn't necessarily a must have but it would be pretty nice just to hear a few jabs between the two.

Another quick tease of the fight

The fight between Batman and Superman is obviously the selling point of this film as it deemed to be an epic clash between the two icons. Now I'm not saying show us a lot of the fight as most of us want to experience the whole thing and be surprised in the theater but it wouldn't hurt showing us a quick punch or throw between either Batman or Superman. Obviously it not good to show us your surprises too early as most movies suffer from that by showing us a lot in their trailers but one more quick, tiny little glimpse of the epic fight shouldn't hurt and should even put the hype up a little more.

Hint/Tease of the villain

So they're theories and rumors out there speculating on who could be the potential villain of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some say Doomsday others say Bizzaro or some other threat, but mainly Doomsday and Bizzaro. Whoever the villain is it would be nice to see a quick little tease or atleast a hint regarding who the possible threat is that will unite Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to take it down. But maybe something like that is best left for you to see and find out in the movies.

Just make it a hype trailer

The hype for Batman v. Superman is gonna reach an all time high when the movie comes closer and closer to it release date and without giving away too much in the third and likely final trailer just make it more of a hype trailer and get fans salivating for the movie to come out just like how Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises Nokia trailers did. Batman v. Superman is one of the biggest movies of all time so the third trailer should make it feel that way.

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What do you expect for the third trailer for Batman v. Superman.


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