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A lot of Heroes, Villains, and especially you bystanders enjoy thinking about who could defeat who in a fight. What you should be thinking is how you will survive when I, I mean they, put a .50 caliber round though you. While you think of that here are 3 people that are wondering the same question.

1. Book Worm(Batman 1966)

This library drop out's greatest power is that he some how got a pretty dame to listen to him even though it required her to be tied to a chair and covered in sleeping gas. This "evil" leader's henchmen were only conscious long enough to hear Adam West give a speech to Robin about why he shouldn't hit people wearing glasses. Book Worm's priceless treasure that he decided was worth going to jail over was a pile of books, the price of which couldn't have cost much more than all of the tomes full of knockout gas he used to capture Batman. In the Book Worms arsenal were trick radio eye glasses for talking to his henchmen, a fedora book light hat for reading in the dark, 2 pricey knockout books, and For Whom the Bell Tolls which he was going to use to blow up the Batmobile. I count him as disappointing and not a total waste because the thought of a non-superhuman going toe-to-toe in a mental and strategical battle with the greatest human hero is an intriguing idea.

2. Ferdinand Daxus(Ultraviolet 2006)

A vampiric woman fights her way through secret facilities, a terrorist cell full of other vampires, an Asian gang, a heavily secured government capital building, and even through the worst special effects since 1989.All while protecting a dying child. Cool gal, right? If this article was about her, I might agree. I would rather focus on the moron that was in charge while she did all of this. Ferdinand Daxus was a part-time researcher in a company that is basically umbrella corp. for vampires. After coming close to creating a super-contagious super soldier serum out of a deadly hemophage virus, Daxus decided to infect himself with his new plague. He immediately infected as many people as possible, then told everyone to be careful about a contagious vampire disease on the loose, and eventually he became the governor of a state full of vampire haters. He did many things like start multiple military squads for killing hemophages (vampires), he cloned 8 versions of himself and injected them with new viruses, and almost wiped out the entire population of vampires. Then he saw that his people were less afraid than usual about the almost extinct monsters. He was scared of losing his power so he took his 6th clone, pumped him full of anti-human antigens and tried to fill the atmosphere with it. Just so that he could sell the new and improved hemophage virus to whoever doesn't want to slowly die over the course of a week. This is all well and good, he almost made it to the villain oscars so he could get his reward for "best classic monster turned into a virus" which is a complementary fight with Milla Jovovitch ( main actress in resident evil, fifth element, and ultraviolet).

The destroyer of nations.
The destroyer of nations.

The sad thing is, his reward went looking for him. She destroyed everything he had with cheap tricks, equipment made by her friend Garth, and her heavily choreographed fight scenes. She even used tricks against him that he occasionally used on her, such as creating holographic decoys. His final stand is limited to a puny napalm pistol and not the giant room full of flamethrowers that his money would allow and I expect. His ignorance and inability to adapt is what put him on this list. Also that he and his army was taken down by a single woman.

3. Dr. Octavian(Spiderman 2 2004)

Although many of you plebeians will disagree with my genius I firmly believe that this Dr. Octopus is dumbfoundingly bad at being a villain. First off he is a fair and nice teacher as we saw in the original Spider-man. Then he becomes mad at the world when he single-handedly kills his wife, his grant, and his research by accident. After this, he is outsmarted by his own machines, almost makes his same mistake twice, is trumped by an overrated acrobat, then drowns himself in shame to protect the city he hates. Disgusting.

I'm disappointed, He could've been much better.
I'm disappointed, He could've been much better.

Comment who should also be on this list and maybe I'll spare your life for their's.


Who's your favorite on this list?

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