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Sarah R Davies

Chapter 4: Uh Oh!

Katniss’ POV

I was standing in my study which is also the library this morning when I noticed boxes poking out from under the sofa. It instantly sent shivers up my spine. Those are the boxes that contain anything to do with the Hunger Games. I went over to push the box back under the sofa when my heart stopped. It was the box with the videos Effie sent Peeta and me in the 75th Hunger Games. And missing from the top of the box was the newspaper article with the star-crossed lovers heading. I needed that. It reminded me where Peeta and I came from. It kept me strong.

“Willow!” I called. She walked slowly into the room. “Have you been in the boxes?” I asked her. She shook her head. I nodded and she walked out. “Peeta!” I called, frantic this time. I should have known better really. If Peeta ever thinks I’m ‘frantic’, he drops everything and comes to find me and whatever has happened. I waited for a moment, waiting to hear the clatter of things as he drops them. Nope, nothing. “Peeta!” I called again. CRASH! CRASH! He heard me that time. “What happened?” He asked, rushing into the room.

“Have you been in the games boxes?” I asked him. He shook his head. “Why?”. “The newspaper is gone from the video box.” I told him. “Have you asked Will?” He asked me. I nodded, sinking to the floor in despair.

“Maybe Logan’s got it.” Peeta suggested quietly. “No!” I shouted. “He can’t! He doesn’t know about the boxes!” Peeta walked over to me and sat beside me on the floor, holding me until I finished screaming. “Is it really that bad if Logan knows?” Peeta asked me after I had quietened down. I nodded. “Why?” He asked. “Because. . .” I tried desperately to think of a reason.

Peeta smiled knowingly. “What?” I asked him. “I’m surprised I didn’t see it before actually.” He said. “See what?” I asked in despair. “You’re afraid that once he grows up, you can't protect him anymore.” He said. "The whole reason you didn't want children was because of the games. But you still have that mindset. The older they get the more worried you are. He's getting to Prim's age. You're worried you can't protect him." I shook my head. “You’re being ridiculous.” I said.

Peeta’s eyes have a strange look in them. Like he knew I’d try to object and push his statement away. But deep down, I know he’s right. I don’t want Logan to know about the games because once he knows, I’m afraid. Afraid I’ll lose him for good.


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