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Sarah R Davies

Chapter 5: Mrs M. Hawthorne

Logan's POV

I tiptoed into the house followed by Mrs Hawthorne. I was careful to close the door quietly but a sudden gust of wind grabbed it and slammed it shut. “Logan!” I heard my mother calling. Uh oh! I showed Mrs Hawthorne into the sitting room and hurried back out to deal with my mother. “Where have you been?!” She demanded. “I went to school to ask Mrs Hawthorne a question. She’s here and needs your help with something. She’s in the sitting room.” I said, grabbing my mother by the arm and leading her into the sitting room. She stopped a little inside the doorway and stared at Mrs Hawthorne. Mrs Hawthorne stared right back. Then my mother walked over to her, very cautiously, and hugged her tightly. This day just kept getting weirder.

* * *

“I can’t believe you’re the Mrs Hawthorne I hear so much about!” Mum gushes. Mrs Hawthorne nods her head. “Now which Hawthorne did you marry?” My mother asks. Mrs Hawthorne rolls her eyes and looks at my mother. “Come on Katniss; is it that hard to guess?” She asks. “Madge! You didn’t marry Gale?!” My mother shouts.

Mrs Hawthorne, whose name is actually Madge, nods. “Where is he?!” My mother demands. Madge shrugs and tears begin to roll down her cheeks. “Katniss!” I hear dad shout. “In the sitting room!” My mother calls back. Dad comes in and looks and Madge. “Who’s this?” He asks. “Peeta! It’s Madge!” Mum shouts.

Dad’s eyes widen. “Madge Undersee?!” Mum nods and Dad hugs Madge. “Good to see you Miss Undersee.” Dad says, laughing to himself. My mother interrupts. “It’s not Undersee. It’s Hawthorne.” At this, Dad’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. “You’re joking?! Hawthorne as in Gale?!” My mother and Madge nod simultaneously. “Oh my God!” Dad says under his breath. Mum slaps his arm. “Katniss!” He shouts. “Well don't be rude!” Mum shouts. I laugh. Ladies and gentleman, the Mellarks.


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