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Sarah R Davies

Chapter 6: Oh God!

Katniss’ POV

Great! I find out that Logan knows about the games. Then I find out that Madge is the schoolteacher. Then I find out Madge and Gale are married. Then that there’s about to be two more Mellarks. That’s right. I’m having twins. I’m really excited and it’s not a problem at all. The biggest problem of having any of the children was telling Peeta.

* * *

“Peeta!” I call. He walks casually down the stairs. Great! He has to be so casual all the time. That just makes it harder for me. He looks at me for a moment before sensing that something is wrong. That’s something special about us. After spending days in the cave when we were sixteen, we had to live off each other’s body language and expression. We can tell when something is wrong with the other. “What’s wrong?” He asks. “How much more news can you take?” I ask. He laughs. “What is it?” “We’re having twins.” I say plainly.

He looks at me for a moment before smiling. “Really?” He asks. I nod and he hugs me tightly. “Do you know what they’ll be?” He asks me. “A girl and a boy.” I reply. “We’ll swap this time then. You name the boy, I’ll name the girl.” Peeta tells me. I raise my eyebrows but nod. “Got any ideas in mind?” I ask him that evening when we’re sitting in front of the fire. I’m sitting in his lap, my head resting on his chest. I look up at him and he shrugs. “I had some ideas.” He tells me.

“What are they?” I ask. “I was thinking Primrose. After Prim. Or Rue.” He says. I shake my head. “I can’t call her Primrose. It’ll remind me of Prim too much. Rue is ok though.” I say. “What about Rue Primrose?” Peeta suggests. “Rue Primrose Mellark.” I say. “I like it.” “What are you thinking for our little boy?” Peeta asks me. “Finnick.” I tell him. “Finnick Cinna.”

I look up at Peeta who’s silently crying. “You ok?” I ask him. He nods. “Just remembering.” “Care to share?” I ask him. He smiles. “Cinna. I was remembering how much Cinna protected you. If he hadn’t have done what he did, we probably wouldn’t be here right now.” I laugh and nod as a stray tear slides down my cheek. “And Finnick. He did so much for me and in the end he didn’t even get to meet his own family.” Peeta nods. “But those things happened for a reason. Had they not happened, you might never have loved me.” I smile. “I’ve loved you a lot longer than you think. A lot longer than I care to admit.” Peeta raises his eyebrows. “Really? How long?” I shrug. “I’ll tell you. One day maybe. Not now though.”


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