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Lego and I go way back, we shared a room from childhood and it still hasn't moved out! [email protected]
Jordan Ray Barber

Will I still be playing with Lego when I'm 80?

Well the short answer is yes, but if you want the long answer you're gonna have to read on......

Ever since I was a child, Lego has been an outlet for creativity and unlimited play experiences, whether making a race car or creating a planet of rogue aliens, Lego has been there to facilitate my imagination.

For me Lego stopped being as important when I was told that a job, car, relationships and food on the table were the "important things" and I had to start taking life seriously, stop messing about and focus on reality so I did! The fun stuff went in boxes in the attic to make way for coursework, aftershave and university books and I did my time, but for me, I was always putting it to one side for later. As I grew up I would visit nieces and nephews and friends with children and if they were playing with Lego and toys I was there with them, taking down an army base to save my little pony or adding 40 extra boasters to my gunship as 39 was clearly not enough and I realised I wasn't finished playing. In fact I had more ideas, more creativity and even more opportunity to indulge my passion. So I did whilst being a full time chef, I now sell Lego online and create and post Lego photos whenever I can and proudly label myself as a AFOL (AdultFanOfLego). With the arrival of a beautiful daughter two years ago I have been lucky to witness the Lego obsession from the start watching her pull everything that I make apart whilst she invents her own perfect creations. My happiest times are now sitting on the floor with her and my wife as we tip buckets of Lego out and look on at the billions of different opportunities that lay waiting for us.

Will I still be playing with Lego when I'm 80, Yes I will as long someone helps me up off the floor when I'm finished.........


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