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We live in a world where superheroes are idolized. They are looked to as pretty much gods, beings so powerful that no one could defeat them. Well... that isn't always true. They have been defeated many times, by many people. They aren't invisible, in fact, they're almost the exact opposite. They not only can be defeated, but they, like you and me, can be killed.

Superheroes Aren't Invincible

Many superheroes have died, in fact, about every major comic book character has had their fair share with the after life. There are honestly too many to count. I have what I think are the 10 most important and shocking superhero deaths.

10) Hal Jordan - Green Lantern

One of the most popular Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan went crazy before his death. He started calling himself Parallax, and went on a rampage destroying the Guardians of the Universe. Him doing this, led to the end of the Green Lantern Corp.

He eventually realizes what he has done, and seek for redemption and forgiveness. He saves all of his (former) friends, and eventually ends up saving the Earth. Him doing this though, leads to his own death.

9) Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier

Before The Winter Soldier, Bucky and Steve served in WW2. They were practically inseparable, until one fateful day. While on a mission, Cap is thrown from an airborne missile, Bucky (who is still on the missile) tries to defuse the missile, this, sadly, lead to his death.

Even though Bucky manages to survive the crash, I have it on this list because of the significance it plays on Steve's turn to becoming the Captain America we know today.

8) Steve Rodgers - Captain America

This death shocked everyone. After the events of Civil War, many people were left wondering what would happen to Cap after he surrendered to Tony. Well, we all found out when the preceding comic was named 'The Death of Captain America'.

But, the real thing that surprised many people, was not that he died, but who kills him. Well, this is kind of a complicated question. While Crossbones is trying to snipe Cap, brainwashed Sharon Carter finishes the job. Like most, he doesn't stay dead, but the time he was apparently dead, was sad and confusing.

7) Peter Parker - Spider-man

The death of Spider-man came as a major shock to most people. Peter is shot by the Punisher, and eventually is finished off by this long time nemesis, the Green Goblin. This death also came as a wake up call to most people. It showed that nobody is off limits.

After his death, Miles Morales stepped up to be the next Spider-man. Miles Morales has since gained a lot of interest, and is a fan favorite. Peter Parker's death alone is significant because of the entry of Miles.

6) Bruce Wayne - Batman

This death would be MUCH higher on this list if he actually died, but he only appears to be dead. He is actually sent back in time, in which he eventually makes his way back to Gotham. But before he is sent back in time, he faces of with Darkseid.

Batman kills Darkseid, but not without a little drama. Bruce is struck with an Omega beam, and is presumably dead. Batman eventually returns, to find that Dick Grayson has taken the role as Batman.

5) James (Logan) Howlett - Wolverine

Wolverine is known as one of the most powerful superheroes because of his invulnerability and regenerative ability. But, just like everyone else, isn't invisible.

After a virus takes away his regenerative power, he hears that a bounty is placed on his head. He seeks to find the man who put the bounty, and eventually suffocates from being trapped in liquid Adamantium. His death puts Storm in charge of the current X-Men.

4) Jean Grey - Phoenix

One of the most killed off comic book character of all time, Jean Grey has had her share of dying, and resurrecting. One, however, stand out as the most significant.

While fighting the Hellfire Club, Mastermind is able to manipulate Jean, and turns into the Dark Phoenix. This path as the Dark Phoenix leads to destruction of many things, and eventually her death. Jean sacrifices herself for the good of the Universe, and he friends.

3) Barry Allen - The Flash

Known as the first major DC death, Flash stayed dead for more than 20 years. Barry sacrifices himself to save the world. This death happened when deaths actually meant something, and people knew that. He wasn't killed off to return in a couple of months. His death meant something not just to me, but to the DC universe.

2) Kal-El/ Clark Kent - Superman

Arguably the most influential and popular superheroes of all time, many people were surprised when Doomsday was able to kill the Man of Steel. Not only is he very popular, but Superman is one of the most powerful heroes.

He eventually made his glorious return a year later, but the death was so shocking, that it changed the way we view superhero deaths.

1) Jason Todd - Robin

Most people think that the Joker killed Jason Todd, but no. In fact, the fans killed Robin. As people voted on whether he should live or die. They eventually came to the conclusion that he should not carry on.

This death was very significant since this was the first death in the bat family, and probably the most important. Like everyone else, Jason Todd does return, but not in the same way, he becomes much more dark and brutal. While taking on the name the Red Hood, he seeks out villains, and kills them.


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