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The folks over at Orlando based advertising agency BIGEYE have decided to do 30th anniversary posters for The Breakfast Club in a very nontraditional way. No head shots here. Just the cumulative objects, things and food stuffs each character consumed.

Call it character expression via the examination of their throw-away consumables. Lunch has never been this revealing or deep.

Sure some of it is imagined but a lot of the items examined here where mentioned and shown in the actual film. These are fully inhabited, fully envisioned and totally believably honest still lives true to the humanity that possessed them.

More importantly these five posters make you want to see The Breakfast Club again just to check if the lunch and objects match up with your recollections and memories of the film. Maybe it is just to add something new or subtract something not emotionally honest enough.

There is nothing wrong with strewing a film with your own personal Easter eggs. That is how we fully inhabit our favorite movies. We connect them to the biggest and smallest moments of our lives.

Sure the princess, the criminal, the basket case, the athlete and the brain are the archetypes of the modern teen movie. At some time we all dreamed about being one or all of them. They may be bigger than life, but by connecting them to the things they love or hated we can fit them perfectly into the internal screen of our own existence. Living inside their outer relics allows us to make them perfect and hopefully remake us into something just a little bit better and more valuable.

Let me know your favorites in the comment section.

Via Design Taxi.

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