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So now here am i again in this awesome page but this time I'm here to talk about The Originals. On some polemical matter or not? Depending on the point of view of all you dear readers but before starting with our topic i want to tell you all that i am on vacation. I am in Sayulita, Mexico a beach hippie's like and at this time i visit this beach always i have visited there's is a weather of sheet! Really the sun feels like the hell in the earth really! I recommend you if you're a person like me that don't tolerate much the extreme warm weather like this and the intense burning heat of this sun! Do not come here in Summer! For the well being of your skin!

So let's begin with our dear topic, so in the other post i was telling that in The Vampire Diaries, the Originals just came to mystic falls to wreck havoc in the town, and in that tv show the originals were very bad! they are like assholes—I mean no offense— i need to confess that when watching the originals in action in the vampire diaries deep in my being—or perhaps not so deep— that i got an unexpected curiosity a likelihood and some sort of wish to cheer them up but in this tv show they were the bad guys and your normally don't cheer for the bad guys so was not able to openly express that, but when the spin-off was relased i eagerly started so watch it! Because i was SO looking forward for an spin-off of them, so like i was saying i started to watch it and after watching the 1st and and half of the 2nd season i changed my opinion of them from Villians to heroes.

So, My more specific way of describing the changes on them, from my point of view is going to be this one:

Elijah Mikaelson—'Lijah—

"The Family is Power" "Always and Forever"
"The Family is Power" "Always and Forever"

From being an honorable but still reckless and badass original to being an honorable man, so compassionate—when he wants and with the people he wants, and with the people that deserved such compassion— and so self-sacrificed, with a dark past and so much hearthbreak in his endless life—or perhaps i should say existence—and spending more than a thousand years trying to do the right things for him and doing so bad things for the sake of his family

and for the hope of having back his brother niklaus of the old times when they were human.

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Family is Power",
  • "Always and Forever"

Niklaus Mikaelson—Klaus, Nik—

"Love is a Vampire's Greatness Weakness"
"Love is a Vampire's Greatness Weakness"

And Klaus from being a Pysco, Wrecked and Wicked Vampire, and the Most horribly and terribly wicked villian that i have ever land my eyes on, to be a person—or should i say vampire— that was and is immensely hurt by the terrible, terrible, terrible things that happen to him during his childhood, and his teenage years, and that he has to suffer terrible shows of rejection when he didn't even deserved it!—It wasn´t his fault that mother original choose to go and play with the wolf next door—and so therefore developing a problem to trust in the people, thinking everyone is an hypocrite, and that everyone is going to betray him, so in fact behind all that façade of the All Powerfull Mighty Badass Original Hybrid is a hurted and broken original.

Favorite Quote:

  • "Love is a vampire's greatness weakness"

Next time i update this post i will add Rebekah, and Finn

Ciao See ya later my dear readers

Always and Forever

Eva Luna


What do you think of my new way to see the originals actitudes?


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