ByDylan Christopher Kimmell, writer at
Dylan Christopher Kimmell

A revolutionary film of its time, Metropolis truly show why it was just that. What was created through the technology that they had in the 1920s was a film that had done so much more than I thought was possible back in the era before color and before the creation of speech. Set in a future where the poor work endlessly and tiredly by the rich, Freder, the son of the man falls in love with a woman named Maria, leading him to see the exhausted workers. Distraught by what he sees, he takes one's place as his beloved is taken and her image stolen from her by a mad inventor, Rotwang. What unfolds is an intriguing yet bizarre sci-fi film that clearly shows the stepping stones for future science-fiction films.

I did not want to take the time to watch this film as I thought the film would be too outlandish for my taste. It is rather outlandish by todays standards, but having the mindset that this film was developed in the 20's it is clear what was so revolutionary about it. Who would have thought you could make a believable metropolis, (and I meant to lower-case that "m"), just best using such beautiful landscape paintings.

For what it is worth, Metropolis has interesting ways of telling a story, and a story with meaning. The German film had ideas that have carried over to future films. The film has earned its homage in the future sci-fi films and will continue to do so.


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