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One of the first movies i watched in the theater was Spider-Man (2002). I was so moved with the character i was growing up to love that i immediately became even more infested in the story both on screen and off. By the time Spider-Man 3 (2007) came around i already knew A LOT about the character and what to expect in a decent film. sadly i didn't get that with the third entry to Raimi's series but soon we got Marc Webbs reboot "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012). Tho i did not like this one as much as The original trilogy it had its own unique style.

It developed the character of Spider-Man more and what it means to bare the weight of a secrets and false promises. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did under perform even tho it was not as bad as Spider-Man 3. But We got to see the character handled in a way we only saw in the comics and this lead to him finally returning home to the MCU. With Tom Holland taking the reigns as our new web slinger i am quite confident he will too bring a new and fresh take on our long time favorite web head. So i made this wallpaper as a reminder of what we have gotten and what we can expect.

To show those that it doesn't matter who plays spider-man, he will always be the same super hero at his core.


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