ByBrian Patrick, writer at
we play The Division and I think that will damage the appeal of the game." This is where I have started seeing a little bit of a biased review. For one, you underestimate the average gamer(And clearly you speak for the majority of us and not just you) whom is going to be buying this game. And two, if this was true, this isn't UBIs fault, but the gamers themselves. The fact that no matter what shooter you play, whether it's Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny and so many others, you need to commincate strategy if you whole heartedly want to win, over and over and over again. For those who don't step up to the plate, need to or else two things will happen 1. The gamer heavily enjoys going solo, but eventually gets bored of the game and quits. And if this happens, the Vets of the game will prevail. 2. The gamer who doesn't use their mic will just plain and simply, not buy this game. You can't have what you desribe as a tacml and strategic shooter without giving the players some sort of responsibility. It just can't be done, atleast until the rinse and repeat method has been done so many times. Where it is the norm to get (X) done here and (Y) done here, while doing this and that. Just like MMOS with dungeons. I f you have 4 players who have just started the game and no one knows what to do, it's up to them to communicate to each other. It is not up to UBI to force players to communicate. Besides, this an M rated game and will hopefully see the "majority" of players are adults.

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