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...unning the cabal (the head of The CIA) were in a love triange with liz's mom and liz saw her mom & dad fighting and did indeed shoot her father which is BTW the same man running the Cabal/CIA that she gave the folcrum to. If you remember he even said as she walked out the door something like "I had forggoten how much you look like your mother" which surprised me lizzie never questioned him or put 2 and 2 together. Yes the guy she gave the folcrum to was her real dad who she shot the night if the fire but did not die and if not her real dad it was the guy that's now running the CIA. Red was there to visit his lover when the whole thing went down. In fact the man in the shooting secene is a tall thin man who's shadowy appearance seems to resemble the now head of the CIA His lover was married to lizziess dad as an undercover plant to obtain secrets from america....ok maybe that last part is a stretch but I am convinced the guy who she gave the fulcrum to was indeed her father but maybe he does not know that nor did he see shot him during the fire. Maybe he saw Red his wife's Lover/Boyfriend and knew Red and since Red was cheating with her vowed to seek him out thus making him the FBI's most wanted as he ran the FBI back then but now he runs the CIA. Get it!!! Let me know if you follow me here. I think this is a big part of the connection! Let me know what you think!

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