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Marvel really are the masters of multi-faceted storytelling: the Marvel Cinematic Universe weaves tales between TV shows and movies to create a complex and exciting world. Everything you see on screen comes from somewhere, and usually each new character has been hinted at in one of the shows or films before. It's really complex and very enjoyable for those of us who enjoy untangling this web.

After the consequences of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973) caused tidal waves in Agents of Shield, and Ant-Manfeatured a neat flashback connection to Agent Carter, Doctor Strangeis set to continue this tradition of ABC shows tying into the movie canon. We've already had some hints of how the two shows will set up Doctor Strange's introduction into the MCU, but how exactly will this work? Read on at your own risk: there are spoilers ahead!

Nefarious Foe For Peggy

Peggy faces her biggest challenges yet!
Peggy faces her biggest challenges yet!

We got some tantalising hints from the SDCC panel about what's in store for Agent Carter Season 2. By this point we know that the main antagonist of the season will be Madame Masque (read more about that here!), but she's not the only villain of the piece. Bad news for Peggy, good news for us, as this other threat will tie in to the Doctor Strange movie, helping to establish his role in the MCU!

"I can also tell you, and this is somewhat of a spoiler, there’s a thing called Darkforce, that comes from the comic book universe, which also created Blackout on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it comes out of the Doctor Strange universe as well. That’s going to show up, causing problems for people."

Thanks to showrunners Tara Butters and Michelle Fazakas for this fabulous teaser! So Darkforce is going to be the key to introducing Doctor Strange. This seems to be pretty out of the blue, as Darkforce doesn't play a huge role in Strange's origin story (or any of his plots, really). There's definitely a way to tie this all together... but we'll get to that later. First up -

Just what the heck is Darkforce?

It's understandable if you've forgotten Darkforce's official introduction into the MCU: the dark energy was manipulated by a one episode villain back in [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) season 1, and it was not the tidiest of introductions. The baddie in question is Marcus Daniels (Blackout), and his ability to tap into the power of Darkforce wasn't explained.

Blackout weilding Darkforce in AoS S1
Blackout weilding Darkforce in AoS S1

This was less of an Easter egg, more an easy way to create a quick antagonist with cool powers, but it seems that the Marvel masters have not forgotten this little plot device!

So, to summarise - Darkforce is a strange type of energy that originates in a different universe (the Darkforce Dimension). Some powered people are able to use this energy in various ways, but the energy itself is pretty dangerous and corrupting. As Blackout himself wasn't even born yet, it's safe to say that we're going to see Darkforce used in a different way in Agent Carter season 2. The consequences could ripple into modern day in Agents of Shield season 3 (Marcus Daniels' return?), thus paving the way for Darkforce to be a plot device in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. But how will this happen? We think we might have the answer...

Entering The Darkforce Dimension

Ok, bear with me here, because I'm going down the Marvel comics rabbit hole. According to Butters and Fazakas, Darkforce is involved in "the Doctor Strange universe", which could just be a turn of phrase. But using the Darkforce Dimension would be a neat way to tie together some of Doctor Strange's villains with Darkforce energy, so that Agent Carter season 2 and Agents of Shield season 3 can set up some of the plots we'll see in the Dr Strange movie.

Among Marvel's most powerful heroes.
Among Marvel's most powerful heroes.

So, here's the theory. A few of Doctor Strange's enemies come from parallel dimensions (eg: Nightmare), the most nefarious being Dormammu. He's one of the first foes that Strange faces, and with powers that mirror Doctor Strange's own, it's probable that Dormammu will be the main villain for the movie. Could the dimension that Dormammu hails from be the Darkforce Dimension? Now, I know this isn't the case in the comics, but the MCU will benefit from simplifying the comic canon's branching plotlines.

Combining these two alternate universes would be a smart move, as it would allow both Agents of Shield season 3 and Agent Carter to lay hints for the Doctor Strange movie. Especially Agent Carter: Darkforce is being set up as a major headache for Peggy in season 2, so there's plenty of foreshadowing potential to exploit. We've also had hints of "vintage science" - maybe we'll see some scientists (or even Howard Stark) try to harness the power of Darkforce, accidentally tearing a whole in the fabric of our universe in the process, and creating a portal for plenty of dreadful creatures to come through to our world!

Eh, it's just an idea, but that's just one of the ways Agent Carter season 2 could pave the way for Doctor Strange to face his nemesis! So what do you think: will Darkforce play a big role in the Doctor Strange movie, or is this just a red herring? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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