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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There aren't many directors working with the experience, the flair or the budget to bring horror and gore to life with quite the same verve as Eli Roth. As we eagerly await the September 25 release of his long-delayed cannibal masterpiece, Green Inferno, I've been enjoying some of his most blood-drenched moments...

1. Something Squishy This Way Comes

Movie: Cabin Fever (2002)

Why It's Great: Relying on a freaky reveal rather than splatter gore in your face, the sex scene gone wrong in Cabin Fever is the movie's most memorable - albeit utterly repellant - moment.

2. Eye, Eye, Captain!

Movie: Hostel (2005)

Why It's Great: In a rare case where the hero really shouldn't have gone back for the girl, Hostel makes us sit still and endure some of the most hideous, bubbling eye torture at the hands of a random big money maniac. Viewer discretion advised!

3. No More Blood to Bleed

Movie: Hostel II (2007)

Why It's Great: Drawing on the creepy myth of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was said to bathe in and drink the blood of virgins to maintain her youth, Hostel II manages to surpass even the original Hostel movie in terms of pints of blood spilled...

4. I'll Pass on the Turkey, Thanks

Movie: Thanksgiving (2007)

Why It's Great: Any fan of '80s horror movies will love the mock trailer for Thanksgiving, the '80s slasher that never was (but totally should be). Highlights include a knife-and-trampoline incident, multiple comedic beheadings and a grand reveal at the dinner table...

5. Uh, Whatever Happens at the End of This Clip...

Movie: Green Inferno (2015)

Why It's Great: Yeah, so we're gonna have to wait until September 25th to see exactly what awaits the hapless kids of Green Inferno, but given Roth's horror track record and the wonderful history of the Cannibal movie, I'm guessing that Green Inferno will give us his goriest moment yet - and that's worth waiting for!

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