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Although you might think that you have the coolest pet in the world, I doubt your dog, cat, hamster, rabbit or reptile (whatever it is!) comes close to being as awesome as some of the critters found in movies.

It can't be denied that the following creatures are extraordinary - some can fly, others can speak like humans, while others have magical powers or can assume other forms. First and foremost however, these pets are so fiercely loyal that you just can't help but want them by your side wherever you go.

Let's take a look at 9 creatures from movies that you wish you could make your own:

1. Pikachu

Movies: Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon: The Movie 2000

Ash's yellow mouse pal is a fierce little warrior, with the ability to unleash powerful electric shocks to get you out of danger. Don't be fooled by Pikachu's cute appearance though, because this little guy can transform himself into a force to be reckoned with in seconds.

He's a powerful ally to have by your side, that's for sure.

2. Meeko

Movie: Pocahontas

The adorable little raccoon would be a perfect companion and as a protective side-kick, he would do anything for you as his master.

He's very inquisitive, good-natured and loves to play. And he isn't impartial to helping you save the day either. Here are the cute raccoon's best bits from Pocahontas I and Pocahontas II:

3. Hedwig

Movies: the Harry Potter series

I'm sure every single one of us would love a pet like Hedwig by our side. A dignified and proud creature, the Snowy Owl would not only perform practical tasks such as delivering your post, but would also help you out in times of great need.

For example, think back to that time that she tracked down Sirius Black for Harry.

4. Pantalaimon

Movie: The Golden Compass

Technically a 'dæmon,' a external physical manifestation of a person's inner-self, Pan can take any animal form he pleases, first appearing in the Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials as a dark brown moth. Later, he changes his appearance many times, with favorites being a snow-white ermine, wildcat and mouse.

Here's a short video of The Golden Compass cast discussing dæmons in depth:

5. Abu

Movie: Aladdin

Aladdin's best friend, fez-wearing confidante and mischievous partner in crime would make the perfect pet. The cheeky kleptomaniac monkey would bring you all sorts of valuables and shiny items (although naturally, I don't condone stealing!) and would adventure with you wherever you go!

Although sometimes a bit too feisty for his own good, Abu is also incredibly kind-hearted, proved by the time he gave his last chunk of bread to the starving children in Agrabah:

6. Dug

Movie: Up!

Despite being morbidly obese, Dug is a fun-loving pooch who can chat to you in English via a special collar that translates his thoughts into words. In real-life this would be very handy for when he needed to poop, for example.

Dug is also very good at obeying orders and likes most people. Sometimes his attention span can be an issue though, especially when he comes across squirrels.

7. Gromit

Movie: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wouldn't it be cool if the British clay animated dog came to life one day to be your pet?

Highly intelligent, yet silent, the anthropomorphic dog would make the perfect companion. For starters, he's an avid cheese enthusiast (which is essential!), can knit you a lovely jumper, play chess with you, and even cook you a delicious meal. He's also very handy with electronic equipment (apart from that time the "Techno Trousers" in The Wrong Trousers almost got him!) and exceptionally skilled a flying space ships.

Oh, and he'll fetch your morning newspaper, too!

8. Toothless

Movie: How to Train Your Dragon

Although he's much smaller than any of the other young Vikings' dragons, Hiccup's Night Fury is a feisty creature. He doesn't always obey his masters and is actually pretty selfish, but when it comes to saving his human he's always on call.

Ultimately however, the biggest pro is that he has wings - and you can't argue with the fact that it would be insanely cool to have a dragon to fly around on.

9. Gizmo

Movie: Gremlins

Gizmo is an adorable little fella, a loyal friend to both people and animals. The friendly Mogwai has a heart of gold, unlike many of the other vicious and wicked Gremlins. And it's not only his company that would make him a good pet to have, but the fact that he's also a whizz with weapons and technology (he can turn on the television and operate toy cars, for example!)

Yet, don't forget that to own this cute critter, there are a few rules you need to follow, such as not feeding him after midnight, not getting him wet, or exposing him to sunlight!

Oh and NEVER compare him to a Furby, but that goes without saying.


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