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Matthew Clifton

Don't you just wish they could bring back the 80's sometimes. Think of it we had some of the best programmes and cartoons ever during that time and now we have certain programmes that say's hey kids it is ok to be a vile person on national t.v. IE Hannah Montana, family guy among others what has happened to the time when programmes taught us the moral of friendship and is a list of t.v shows they should bring back.

Grange hill.

Byker grove.

Knight rider.

The A-team.


TJ hooker.

Starsky and hutch.

dukes of hazzard.

blue peter.

and more t.v shows that you can think of please add in the comments below. and as for the cartoons that we have now all i can say is have family guy which has racism.homophobia,drugs,sex,child abuse and pedo's and other cartoons that involve vomit and other stuff where have we gone wrong bring back the cartoons everyone loved. here is the list of 80's cartoons.

thundercats (original)

he-man and the masters of the universe.


transformers (original)

jayce and the whelled warriors

ulysesse 31

dungeons and dragon.


defenders of the earth.

and thats all i can add if there is any more stuff from the 80's let me know in the comments and tell me if you would love some old school 80's cartoons and t.v programmes to be put back on tele again.


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