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Do you remember when earlier this year, we were gobsmacked by all those circulating rumors that pop princess Rihanna and ultimate King of the Universe Leonardo DiCaprio were mostly definitely getting it on?

Well, sadly despite all the hype surrounding their 'no-strings-attached' relationship and mad chemistry, this was a love affair that was doomed to fail and since, both have moved on amicably.

Yet, it seems that a couple of pesky journalists in France have refused to give it up, continuing to spread rumors and feed off this celebrity case. And it seems that finally, and unsurprisingly, they've pushed The Revenant actor to his limit, forcing him to put his foot down.

Leo's suing spree against the French press

Just a few weeks back, he sued the bosses at Oops! magazine for falsely claiming that ex-lover Rihanna was expecting his child and that he wanted nothing to do with the baby. He won the case, but it seems that the end of his wrath against French gossip magazines is not quite there.

This time, the receiver of the actor's lawyer's letters is publisher Crazy!. The magazine falsely reported that Leo and Rihanna are planning to live together, placing the story on their cover.

The actor is seeking 10,000 euros (approximately $11,225) for invasion of privacy and damages, and an additional 3,000 euros ($3,370) for legal fees. Ironically, Crazy! is owned by Fredereic Truskolaski, the same guy who published the pregnant Rihanna story earlier in the month! Will this dude ever learn?

The law in France

According to the court, the intention of the case is to:

"Stop the illegal exploitation of [Leo's] name, his image, reputation and privacy for commercial ends.”

Under French law, it is stated that regardless of fame, fortune, functions present or future, respect for one’s private life and image is of the upmost importance. Because of this, no personal information is allowed to be printed, nor photos published, that have not been supplied by the respective parties involved. Naturally, Leo did no such thing.

Unlike in the US, where the laws are slightly different, these French magazines reported an illegal statement. The lawsuit reads that this is:

"A wrongful intrusion into the protected sphere of their privacy."

The documents also read that as the magazine refuses to admit the fact that the actor has already denied a "romantic relationship" with Rihanna, this elevates the issue to the "height of bad faith."

And the best part is that in addition to seeking damages fees, Leo's legal team has demanded that the next cover of Crazy! publish in huge letters that the actor has condemned the magazine. Ouch - I look forward to seeing that, that's for sure!



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