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The focus of the MTV music awards has mainly been on Miley's outfits, the celebs who attended the show, the feuds, the performances and Justin's surprising breakdown on stage. Surprisingly, this year there was something a whole lot more heartwarming going on behind the scenes.

You may have heard of the incredible Make-A-Wish Foundation that grants wishes to teens and kids with life-threatening medical conditions. This year, from different corners of the U.S. and Canada, five teens made a wish to attend the event. Not only did they get their wish to go to the ball, or should I say the VMAs, but Justin helped make their smiles go even bigger.

The teens who attended the VMAs are Brandi, Stefanie, Bianca, Erykah and Juan

Despite having life-threatening illnesses, these courageous teens were not going to let anything get in the way of their spectacular evening.

The teens got to hang out with none other than Justin Bieber

Justin had these teens going giddy when he surprised them with some one-on-one time and even promised them that he would follow them on Twitter. Justin gets a lot of hate, but what he did for these kids is pretty awesome!

Then they got introduced to The Weeknd

This singer set their hearts fluttering, particularly Brandi's. Brandi comes from Florida and has Cystic Fibrosis. She said:

"We saw The Weeknd and he gave me a hug and he kissed me on the forehead. It made me feel so special!"

There was even more in store for these lucky teens

Brandi was gushing as she told MTV.

"We also met Tori Kelly and not only does she have an amazing voice but she’s honestly the sweetest person ever."

The group even got to exclusively see Nick Jonas swaggering around on the red carpet on Saturday while he practiced with his army of Moonwomen for his performance.

Nick totally surprised the teens as he rehearsed his red carpet performance in front of them. Even though he was working hard to perfect the performance, whenever there was a break Nick ran over to the teens to high-five them and make them smile. Brandi happily shared the moment with MTV.

"He’s just such an amazing artist and I’ve been watching him since he was in the Jonas Brothers, and being able to see him in person just completed the moment."

The whole experience was just incredible for the five teens

The lucky group, who already had two awesome days of surprises behind them (which included being given a personal tour of the venue), had an even better treat in store when Sunday came along. Before the show kicked off, the teens had their own professional stylist to make them feel like superstars for their big red carpet debuts. If anyone saw the camera panning on the teens throughout the show then you will have seen their wide, cheshire cat-style grins lighting up the whole room.

This was an incredible experience for them all, and Stephanie revealed how it made her feel:

"It’s awesome to meet everyone else going through similar situations and experiencing something amazing like this with them."

Erykah was also over the moon by how amazing everything was

"Now that I’m here, knowing that I have MS (multiple sclerosis), I feel like I don’t even have MS anymore. I feel free. Like a regular person, like I have nothing wrong with me."

Check out the video of their wish of a lifetime!


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