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Kermit the Frog hasn't wasted any time jumping into a new love affair after his hasty divorce from Miss Piggy, and his ex flame is going to be seriously pissed when she sees that she shares a species with her possible replacement.

For those of you who have been sleeping at the bottom of the lily pond for the past few weeks, Hollywood power couple Kermit and Miss Piggy decided to terminate their tempestuous relationship and break the news to the shaken public early in August.

Naturally, Muppets fans were pretty upset when they heard the the unconventional relationship has shuddered to a halt, but they are even more up in arms after it was revealed that Kermit might have a new sow in his life after less than a month of separation.

An anonymous source told People Magazine that the world's most influential frog has been spotted with the Head of Marketing at ABC - named Denise - multiple times, and it seems things might be getting serious between them...

Kermit and Denise
Kermit and Denise

The insider explained how Kermie and Denise have got lips wagging on the set of his ex-wife's show, Up Late with Miss Piggy, thanks to the amount of time they spend attached at the hip (and/or hock), they explained:

"She's always stopping by the set of 'Up Late.' He calls her his girlfriend."

Miss Piggy isn't famed for her balanced temper, but maybe she won't be as pissed with her former frog as we might imagine. The sultry sow was spotted snuggling up to Liam Hemsworth just yesterday, sparking rumors that she too might have moved on with a hot new hunk...

We will just have to wait and see if the press has been telling porkies or if Kermit really has moved on to pastures new, but this certainly won't be the last we hear of this very public relationship drama.

UPDATE - Kermit Denies Relationship

Kermit the Frog has taken to Twitter to deny he has any romantic involvement with Denise, but do you believe him?

It doesn't seem like his co-star Pepe the King Prawn is having any of it!

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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