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Rob Harris

Earlier this year, horror fans were dismayed to hear that Silent Hills - a nerve-shredding survival game designed by auspicious collaborators, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro - was canceled. However, the killed project has not been forgotten, now resurrected in Kojima's recently released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Gamers will likely remember their scarring experience with P.T. (short for 'Playable Teaser'); a demo for Silent Hills that still haunts my dreams. In it, this traumatizing apparition named (innocently enough) Lisa attacked anyone brave enough to pick up a controller:

As a lighthearted nod to fans of the horror game, the charming ghoul was included in an early demo for MGS V, appearing as a rather frightening distraction that came in handy for scaring the wits out of enemy guards:

Now, MGS V players have discovered another P.T. Easter egg, bringing many unwanted memories of Lisa flooding back.

To find it, you'll have to make your way to a small tent located here, next to the Ngumba Industrial Zone:

Inside, you'll find a radio playing a broadcast relating the grisly details of a murder case; the very same broadcast also featured in P.T.

Check it out below:

How awesome is that? It's great to see that Kojima still has Silent Hills very much on his mind. Now that he's parted with publisher Konami, it's unlikely we'll ever see the canned project materialize, though it will always live on through Metal Gear! God bless you, Kojima.


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