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When it comes to fan art of Disney's villains, I would usually admit that I have seen it all by now. But the following images, wonderfully created by the talented people over at are definitely something else!

The series throws our favorite villains head first into the deep-end of real-life situations, with some hilariously sassy results to boot! From Cruella de Vil, to Ursula and Scar, take a look at how these Disney baddies have adapted to every day situations, remaining as bitchy and sassy as ever!

1. Cruella de Vil never respects other people's belongings

She would probably also make you feel as if it was your fault in the first place!

2. Ursula has no consideration for what others might think

Ursula doesn't care about your opinion!

3. Jasmine finds out that two-faced Jafar is never to be trusted

Never tell Jafar ANY of your secrets!

4. Scar loves to make you feel really, really bad about yourself

Keep away from this manipulative snake in the grass!

5. The Evil Queen's jealousy knows no bounds

No matter how hard you try, she will always be better than you!

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