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(Warning: Possible - if somewhat unlikely - SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below. If you'd rather not risk knowing anything at all about the movie's plot, then proceed with caution and all that...)

Now, there are a whole lot of things to love about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from its pitch-perfect casting all the way through to the constant stream of Easter eggs and cameos. For some fans, however, there's still very much one thing missing: the dark side.

Netflix's Daredevil aside, the MCU is still - for the most part - a pretty light-hearted and bloody gore-free movie universe, with relatively little going on to seriously threaten a PG-13 rating. As it turns out, though:

Marvel's Comic Books Are Way Darker Than You'd Think

Now, in the case of The Punisher, Wolverine or one of the comic book company's many other 'dark' heroes, that's perhaps not too surprising.

What is a little more so, though, is the fact that when you take a look back at (soon-to-be-adapted-into-a-motion-picture) storylines like Civil War, there's a whole lot of darkness just sitting out there for everyone to see.

So much so, in fact, that it seemed prudent to assemble a list of:

The Five Darkest Things from the Comic Book Civil War (That We Won't See in the Movie)

After all, with Captain America: Civil War not only on the horizon, but unlikely to feature the on-screen deaths of school children or the punching of a whole in a hero's chest, it's probably fair to say that the matter is increasingly topical...

First up, then?

5. An Entire School Got Blown Up

In fact, the whole Civil War essentially began because a battle between superhero team The New Warriors and a gang of supervillains escalated to the point that one of the ne'er-do-wells blew up a bunch of city blocks in Stamford Connecticut.

Which killed 612 people, including 60 children (and most of the superheroes).

Now, there's a good chance that we'll see a catastrophic event prompt the Avengers-splitting events of Captain America: Civil War (in fact, it's possible the Hulk's Age of Ultron rampage already has), but the chances of that event explicitly involving the deaths of a whole lot of children? Pretty slim...

4. The Guy Who Caused It Got Black-Bagged and Tortured

Similarly, the aftermath of the Stamford disaster, in which the supervillain responsible for the devastation, Nitro, ended up being hunted down by not only Wolverine, but by Namor, The Sub-Mariner, isn't likely to find a home in the MCU.

Mainly because it heavily involved both extraordinary rendition (the blast had killed one of Namor's relatives, and he decided to snatch Nitro for himself) and a whole lot of distinctly cruel and unusual torture:

Now, say what you like about the MCU's heroes' methods, but we're almost certainly not going to watch Hawkeye or Black Widow go full 'Saw' on a villain anytime soon.

3. The Only Superhero Survivor Started Self-Harming

Remember how that explosion only killed most of the superheroes involved?

Well, that was because one of them - the light-hearted, bouncing-powered Speedball - survived. Which didn't actually work out too well for him, seeing as he wound up blaming himself for all of the deaths in the disaster.

As a result of which (because comic books get weirdly specific in their darkness sometimes) he decided to don a specially designed suit that would cause him pain at all times, and rename himself Penance.

The darkest part? He brought his pet cat along for the ride...

On the list of things we're definitely not going to see in Captain America: Civil War, a hero torturing his pet cat is surely pretty high up, right?

2. Thor Blew a Hole in a Fellow Hero's Chest

Now, in Thor's defense, it wasn't actually him, but rather an android-y clone designed by Tony Stark to imitate the God of Thunder.

But, just to clarify, that clone (named Ragnarok) totally did straight up murder a long-standing superhero, Bill 'Goliath' Foster. By punching a hole through his chest with lightning.

Which, thankfully, is exactly the kind of childhood-scarring thing we aren't going to see on screen come 2016 (in Civil War, at any rate).

And, finally, and in some ways most shocking of all?

1. Captain America Became the Bad Guy

Now, I don't mean to say that Cap'll be painted as the only true hero in Captain America: Civil War, with Tony Stark a raving, rampaging villain - but the movie is named after him, so there's a good chance he'll be framed as a pretty decent dude.

In contrast, the comic book Civil War worked pretty darned hard to a) make Cap kind of a blinkered, uncompromising asshole about the whole 'superhero Civil War' thing, and then b) make the parallels between his actions and those of a terrorist (which he technically was by the end of the story) abundantly clear.

When he eventually gave himself up, it was only after being tackled by a bunch of New York-based first responders - and back in 2005, that basically made the living symbol of America your standard, cookie-cutter 'enemy of freedom.'

Which something tells me isn't going to happen in the MCU...

The big question, though?

What do you think?


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