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The internet broke down last week when Anytime Costumes launched a controversial costume referencing Caitlyn Jenner's now infamous Vanity Fair cover shoot. The outfit featured a dude in a wig, bodice, booty shorts and a sash which read 'Call Me Caitlyn,' and sparked a wild backlash from fans and the LGBTQ community, causing some to actually 'backflip the fuck out of society.'

While some thought that the reaction to 'Call Me Caitlyn' was a little OTT, there's little escaping that to others the costume was extremely offensive. To most however, halloween is all about having a bit of festive fun, an excuse to dress up as those you find inspiring, scary or amusing and generally lark around as the iconic alter ego you always wished you were.

But, if you insist on being offensive, here are some ideas from those who've already beat you too it...

1. First thought, one could always dress as Hilary Clinton on meth?

2. Or perhaps you enjoy a more conceptual approach? How about, 'what If Monica Lewinsky was a robot and desperately needed to take a sh*t?'

3. Sexual abuse references are a LOL aren't they. What about going as Bill Cosby this year?

4. Or Jimmy Savile?

5. Or go as Obama who, post Ms. Clinton's meth bender, munched some children to ease the pain of a come down.

6. What about taking Donald Trump's controversial blast towards Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly and turning that into a costume?

7. When in doubt, reference a celebrity's horrific death a la this Steve Irwin stingray scenario...

8. Or Cory Monteith's heroin overdose...

9. OR, double whammy, black up and try out this Whitney Houston bath tub scene?

NB: sarcasm.

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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