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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has just wrapped up its beta on PS4, XBOX One and PC. Xbox and PC owners were lucky to receive a prolonged amount of time with the game after Activision announced the extension on Sunday. I engaged with the beta the week before on PS4 and I actually had a surprising amount of fun with it. But online multiplayer was never really my draw to Call of Duty.

I always blitzed through the campaign and then enjoyed some Spec Ops or zombies. I would always briefly dabble in the online multiplayer, but it was never really what drew me to the franchise. But after Advanced Warfare, Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts, I think I need to stop playing the COD campaigns, or the games entirely. They're just not enjoyable anymore in comparison to Modern Warfare 1 and 2. But the Black Ops 3 beta shows that I'm not the only one feeling jaded with COD.

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Reactions to The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta!

Personally, seeing as I don't play the multiplayer in these games, I had a fair amount of fun with the Black Ops 3 beta. I enjoyed the speed, the nimble movements and the various character abilities. Seeing as I barely touched on Advanced Warfare's multiplayer, Black Ops 3 seemed so impressive to me. But after reading a number of reviews and statements from players, Call of Duty fans are getting annoyed by the franchise and its reluctance to adapt. Activision came up with a winning formula a few years ago and now with a guaranteed annual instalment into the COD franchise, fans are getting fed up with how the company refuses to improve upon it.

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Here are some of the statements that we were seeing from gamers following their time with the Black Ops 3 beta:

  • "Recycling is good for our planet, not for our games!"
  • "Pros for Black Ops 3: the uninstall button works just fine! Another year, another trash COD."
  • "It's COD - I don't know why I was expecting more."
  • "While it's better than Advanced Warfare, this is still the same old thing. When can we go back to WW2?"

The majority of complaints - even though Black Ops 3 is still enjoying a generally favourable review consensus on Steam - stem from the fact that Call of Duty just isn't changing with the times. It was the game that every FPS was compared to a few years back, and seeing as its been copied so often, it needs to be more radical. COD fans are bored with its repetition and I don't blame them. This game feels like Destiny and Titanfall and so many other shooters!

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Are Zombies the Saving Grace for COD & Black Ops 3?

Therefore, I'm wondering what brings us back to Call Of Duty every year? Do we hope that it's going to be better? Or do we just enjoy mindlessly shooting at something every year? Personally, I am actually excited for Black Ops 3's zombie mode. Jeff Goldblum is in it after all! So I suppose I'm looking forward to this aspect of Black Ops 3. But as a whole, COD has lost its magic.

I still return to Modern Warfare 2's spec ops missions with friends - they're so satisfying! But I doubt I'll ever pick up Advanced Warfare or the abhorrent mess that is Ghosts ever again. But where do you stand? Let us know what you think of Call of Duty in the comments below!


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