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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Gotham begins. A lot of people were very divided about this series. A lot of them say this is not Batman this is a series about all it's side characters. And that's what it should be. That's why the title is not Batman, it's Gotham, it's about the place of Bruce Wayne/Batman, but it should also involve any of the side characters and the people that would define Batman in the future.

So let's begin, I must admit I love the balance of the grit and the darkness along with the characters at play. I also am a little biased because I just love the DC villains, but I digress, the main people who should matter is the villains. Because they would always pose as a moral dilemma to Batman, whether he should be the little goody goody like Jim Gordon or he should be full on dark like the Joker his arch nemesis.

Anyway, we of course , need to open with the origins of Batman, the classic of Bruce Wayne loses his parents in the alley with the criminal shooting his parents and fleeing away. But because it's an adaptation they need to add an edge or something else, we learn that young Selina Kyle saw the whole thing. And of course she loves cats and has cat-like skills. But she's not the only villain we see. But they would have to wait as we find that Jim Gordon is just starting out and he meets Harvey Bullock who is a bit of an old dog who likes the way things are and the way things are is that Falcone controls the Gotham City Police Department(GCPD).

Jim finds out quick that he should follow the rules and fall in line and how we know this is Falcone orders Jim to kill Oswald Cobblepott(Penguin) because Cobblepott was a rat and he should be killed. But Penguin persuades Jim to rely on his guilty conscious and Jim decides to let him go and asks him not to come back to Gotham, yeah like Penguin was ever going to do anything but come back to Gotham but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Penguin for the most part of it is quite the manipulator himself. But I can't wait for the master of manipulation, the Clown Prince of crime, the Joker, everybody is saying it's Jerome, but I don't think they'd be too obvious, but then again even if it is him, I still want to see the Joker. But Penguin plays a long con with Maroni as Penguin came back to Gotham, yeah big shock, and decides to team up with Maroni and is with his crew but then we learn after awhile that Penguin is actually speaking with Falcone and reporting everything to him. Also, Fish Mooney is quite the character although, I think it might have been like a new character they introduced or whatever. But she's still feisty and that little bitchy attitude we all need from a woman villain.

What about Nygma? Oh man don't even start me on Nygma, I mean he is literally the Riddler we thought he would be if, we make him real. Yeah, we got Carey as the Riddler once, but really we need that damaged guy with the obsession with riddles and puzzles that truly make the Riddler. We also see the Riddler and Penguin together at one point and let's just say things were always going to be icy.

Who better to support Bruce through his grief and his depression like state, then Alfred. I mean Alfred's always the guy who is always there for Bruce and that's why in Dark Knight Rises, I cried a little when Alfred left. But I digress this Alfred, is nothing short of an enigma himself(yeah I did :P) and we just learn that he was a soldier of some sort and he served with a guy that almost kills him even after the hospitality Bruce decides to show him. But the guy was employed by the people of Wayne enterprises as they feel Bruce is opening too many doors that could expose the dark truth.

Also we get a first look at Lucius Fox who directly gives Bruce a clue to Bruce's father's secret. But we haven't dove in too much to that yet. But we have seen foreshadows of the Batcave as well. But at the end, we find that Falcone wants to retire and Mooney possibly gets killed by Penguin, not before of course Mooney kills Maroni because Maroni was too sexist towards her but still, I mean bullet to the head, c'mon, why not a bullet to the balls first eh? Anyway, it's still a great finale, with as many questions that came and only a little that were answered it's great to know that it's coming back. And no, the love interests of Jim doesn't really bother me, it's just they are quite forgettable especially the new girlfriend the physician, Lee was it? I forget. But the one that kinda irked me was Barbara, she was such a diva and a damsel, but she became a lot more memorable when she went batshit crazy because of the Ogre. But yeah, they're important to Jim and I only mentioned it now because I didn't remember them till now. But that still doesn't take away from the awesome factor that is this show!!


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