ByJeremy Scott, writer at

Latour's sharp, angular style is at its absolute best when he draws characters like Esaw, the focus of this issue, with the character's 'inner beauty' being brought clearly to the surface. Esaw is a piece of shit, there's been no escaping that over the first nine issues, but it's within these pages that Aaron really gives us a look at both the depths of his depravity and some possible reasoning behind it. It's kinda easy to look at Esaw as a Coach Boss in training, or just an idiot thug, but he's really his own evil, with his own motives. He is an idiot though, evidenced by his 'just fuckin' blitz them' strategy. This arc (like the two previous) is fantastic, providing interest in the main plot moving forward while focusing on some of the fringe characters so far. Next issue the Jasons bring a brand new character into the spotlight and I am nothing if not intrigued to see what they've got in store.


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