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Often, people assume all celebrities are anti-war due to the liberal nature of Hollywood. I would say that the town leans left, but movies are for everyone. And there are plenty of right-wing actors who have made a name for themselves. As you may already know, the left is (normally) less supportive of war than the right.

It's never a good idea to put people into boxes, though. As we've seen with a liberal President of the United States in office, there have actually been quite a few monumental war "moments" during his presidency. Most notably, Obama was at the helm of the successful Seal Team 6 mission to assassinate Osama Bin Laden which made headlines and even pleased many liberals.

American Sniper showed our country is willing to be entertained by war - in all of it's violence, destructiveness, but also its glory.

These are 7 Hollywood folks who did the unthinkable if you want to maintain your public image... they openly supported war at the risk of turning off fans. I wouldn't say that there's anything wrong with being supportive of your government or military but that's just how it is. Let's take a look.

1. Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer was one of a few that I'll mention below... men who were not supportive of Michael Moore's speech at the Oscars in 2008. He gave a speech after winning for Bowling for Columbine. He publicly shamed the sitting president, George W. Bush. Here's what Grammer had to say about why he didn't want to watch the ceremony...

"I wasn't interested. I knew that that kind of crap was going to be there and I thought, I am not interested."

2. Jason Priestley

Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame agreed with Grammer. Here's what he had to say about the very same Academy Awards that may have (potentially) stepped over boundaries when it came to shaming the president publicly. He clearly didn't feel it was the right place or time:

"It was shocking. I did not believe that was the forum to voice your opinions. Michael Moore is allowed to have opinions and his opinions are valid like everyone else's opinion, but I just didn't think the Academy Awards were the place to voice them in that manner"

Fair enough.

3. Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall has played many roles in his life, but one that he refuses to play is someone who doesn't abide by their principles. He too wasn't too pleased about the Michael Moore speech, and his character from The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. kind of shined through a bit here. Here's what he said of Hollywood political activists at the time, Moore included:

"They should keep their mouths shut."

Simple and directly to the point.

4. Dennis Miller

On obvious liberal Bill Maher's show Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Michael Eric Dyson and Miller got into it about war. Here's a transcript of what it got to and the cheap-shot Miller took at President Bill Clinton when Dyson criticized George W. Bush.

Dyson: "I think absolutely that's what we're doing. Look at your President, I mean, who bows his head to God and prays to God and says because I have God's love, and you know what ticks me off-"
Miller jumped in: "At least he's not bowing his head to watch an intern blow him!"


5. Shannen Doherty

Another Beverly Hills 90210 star showed her support for the troops, much to the dismay of a New York City crowd on Carson Daly's old show when she said she was in support of President Bush and his compatriots.

She said the following to the begrudged audience:

"I'm a Republican...I'm a big supporter of President Bush... (after some groans) C'mon, our troops are over there, we gotta be supportive."

6. Dennis Franz

His support for the troops being fully justified as a Vietnam veteran, the NYPD Blue star told Extra that he supports the war:

“I think we’re doing the right thing. They are defending our country. Thank God we have people in this world that are willing to do it.”

7. Kid Rock

I'll leave you with this fairly ridiculous comment from Kid Rock that needs no context other than that it has to do with "getting the bad guys" and all that good stuff...

"Why is everybody trying to stop the war? George Bush ain't been saying, 'You all, make s-y records.' Politicians and music don't mix. It's like whisky and wine. [Musicians] ought to stay out of it. We got to kill that mother-[bleeper] Saddam. Slit his throat. Kill him and the guy in North Korea. Are some women and children going to die? Yeah. But is doing the right thing. You got money, you sit around talking about peace. People who don't have money need some help."




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