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There's a saying in the industry that 50% of a video is audio. If you let that really sink in, you realize how very true this statement is.

Imagine watching a horror film without the dark, ominous score. Picture yourself unable to hear the high-pitched notes of a song as the monster approaches his victims, wielding a long, glistening knife already speckled with blood.

Don't believe me? This video might be able to make my point more apparent.

Without the music, the video seems like it's missing a huge puzzle piece.

And this is why the score and sound effects are incredibly crucial to helping get the audience into the mood of the story. It is also the reason why we place a lot of importance on foley artists, who record themselves stomping on gravel to get the sound of footsteps, as well as chopping whole heads of lettuce in half to make it sound like a head is getting chopped off.

This video below follows Emmy nominated Foley artist Caoimhe Doyle and at 3:36, she starts showing you exactly what she uses to make horrific sounds meant to enhance various horror scenes.

Below is a list of everyday random objects that could be used specifically for any noises depicting demonic possession. Who thought something so sinister sounding could come from something so incredibly innocent?

1. A Gaggle of Rubber Geese

One of these little guys just sounds funny and cute. An entire cart makes me want to run for the hills.

[Source: Cosmopolitan]

2. Furby with Dying Batteries

That scream at the end sounds like something straight out of The Exorcist!

3. This Cat

I'm just waiting for his head to start spinning and for him to start spewing out some viscous green bile.

If you're ever in the mood for creating your own horror film and providing your own foley sound art, you now have a few items at your disposal that could help you create a truly terrifying film about possession.

I wonder if I still have my old creepy Furby from the '90s just lying around somewhere.


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