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Making it big in Hollywood is an ongoing mystery. Sometimes actors have all the looks, the talent, and attitude of someone who should make it big, but for one reason or another it just never happens for them.

Well, the following actors aren't sitting still and letting career opportunities pass them by. Instead, they're taking matters into their own hands by using social media to get their foot in the casting door.

Here are six actors who have taken to social media to tell us about the characters they want to play:

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson – Black Adam

While talks to have The Rock appear in a superhero movie had probably been in the works for a while, Dwayne 'The Rock' Jonson was not quiet about his desire to have a role in the DC cinematic universe.

Given the fact that the man already looks (and acts) like a real-life superhero, it seemed like a natural fit to have him in some sort of superhuman role! Plus, it's always great to see a fan playing their dream role.

The Rock / Instagram
The Rock / Instagram

Just six months after that tweet, he confirmed that his dreams had come true when he was officially cast to play the villain, Black Adam, in Shazam!

We can expect to see The Rock playing the supervillain in Shazam! on April 5, 2019.

Blake Cooper – The Maze Runner

This young Maze Runner star sure knew how to manipulate social media to get the attention of the people who mattered! 14-year-old Blake Cooper told how he used Twitter to get in touch with Maze Runner director, Wes Ball:

"It all started with my friend Olivia. She messaged me on Facebook that this movie was coming up which was based on her favorite book. She said I should check it out because she thought one of the roles, Chuck, would be perfect for me.
I sent him a tweet asking if I could audition and at first he didn't notice but a lot of fans noticed and they started making fan fiction and it was really cool. Everyone was tweeting the director to let me audition and he noticed and decided to give me an audition."

Soon after the mobs of friends, family, and fans backed Cooper on social media, Ball posted the following tweet confirming his plan had worked!

When the movie was finally released, fans quickly fell in love with Cooper's portrayal of Chuck. If you haven't seen the movie yet, his innocence is certainly one of the highlights.

Tom Holland - Spider-Man


About a year and a half ago, Tom Holland posted the following Instagram of a small Spidey Funko POP figurine in his car. This probably indicates about the time he started testing to play the role of the newest Spider-Man.

Since posting that image, Holland has seemingly made it his mission to use social media to prove to us that he'll be the best ever Web-slinger!

With a background in dance and a knack for acrobatics, it wasn't hard to win people over when it was announced that he officially earned the role just a few months ago.

Tom Holland will make his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, which is going to swing into theaters on May 6, 2016.

Vin Diesel – The Inhumans

The always awesome Vin Diesel has already made a name for himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the tri-syllabic tree, Groot, in Guardians of the Galaxy. But, being as active as he is on social media, it makes sense that he'd turn to his Facebook page to tease fans about having a role in the 2019 Inhumans movie.

While there's no confirmation of his involvement in the film at the moment, I think it only makes sense Vin would get some more screentime with Marvel, especially since he seems so interested. Maybe playing Black Bolt really is in Vin Diesel's future!

Steven McQueen – Nightwing

The Vampire Diaries actor Steven McQueen has been extremely vocal on social media about wanting to be a part of The CW's DC Universe as Nightwing. It all started in 2013 when McQueen tweeted the following picture:

Although McQueen said he was joking and those behind The CW have denied that he has any involvement in Arrow or any other DC shows, just yesterday he was back at it.

By Instagramming this photo of a Nightwing sweatshirt and comics, McQueen got the rumor mill started once again. At this point Steven McQueen might still be joking, but that won't stop us from speculating.

Tyrese Gibson – Green Lantern

Probably the least surprising person on this list is singer and Fast and Furious actor, Tyrese Gibson. For months now, Gibson has been on his various social media accounts vying for the role of Green Lantern.

With his fans rallying behind his campaign, Gibson has been posting regularly about his interest in playing John Stewart in a DC movie.

The Green Lantern mission is still well underway, but he's not the only one throwing his gauntlet into the ring. Recently, a lesser known actor, Lance Gross (Tyler Perry's House of Payne), posted an image that could show an interest in playing John Stewart.

Lance Gross / Instagram
Lance Gross / Instagram

It looks like Tyrese Gibson could have a bit of competition on his hands.

With social media being as prevalent as it is, it only makes sense that actors interested in roles sometimes feel the need to take things into their own hands. Getting your foot in the door isn't always easy, but with the power of fans behind them, these actors have been (or hopefully will be) able to make it happen.

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