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Last night, the long awaited Scream, the TV Series had its first season finale. Much like the films, it had the "final girl" and her friends being stalked by an unknown, masked man, and all of those friends looked guilty. Much like everyone else, I was a bit skeptical of this show, but I was more than pleasantly surprised at how well the show held up.

Last night's finale opened with a touching tribute to We Craven who sadly passed away Sunday after a battle with brain cancer. Craven was the Executive Producer of the show. That tribute set the tone for the rest of the episode, which was incredible.


Let's rewind a bit to episode one which aired on MTV on June 30th. Much like the first Scream film, the series was not slow to start. There were two deaths in the first few minutes of the show, like Casey and her boyfriend in the film, it was the school b*tch and her equally jerky "boyfriend". I have to applaud MTV for not pulling any punches, their deaths were fairly graphic and nothing like their typical content.

In all of the Scream films, the killer was always someone close to Sidney and had some sort of reasoning behind their madness. The TV series is no different, the killer is someone in Emma's circle. Before we jump too far in, here is a bit of backstory that lead up to the murders.

Back before "final girl" Emma was born, there was a guy that had gone to the school that she and her friends do now, his name was Brandon James. Brandon was disfigured and fell in love with a girl that he called "Daisy", as it turns out "Daisy" is

Emma's mother.

Brandon wore a mask, the mask the killer will wear throughout the season, to cover his scars and what not from various corrective surgeries. One night, at a Halloween dance, Brandon shows "Daisy" what he really looks like, she's startled, she screams and Brandon is savagely beaten by some school jocks. Brandon takes out his revenge by slaughtering everyone but "Daisy". Brandon is later shot and killed by police, but he and "Daisy" share a lot of dark secrets that will come to light as the episodes progress.

Brandon James
Brandon James

Emma begins receiving a string of mysterious phone calls and horrifying gifts and the person on the other end is hellbent on destroying Emma and her "perfect" family. Just that basis alone makes everyone that knows her look guilty, but who is really behind the mask?

The Suspects

The Boyfriend- Emma has a cheating, blackmailing, jock boyfriend named Will. Will is not what could be called a "nice guy". His character is a lot like Sidney's boyfriend in the first film. He is eventually made to look way too guilty, so he fell almost immediately from my radar.

Boyfriend's Best Friend- Just like the first film, it looked like it was going to be the boyfriend and his best friend. Will and his friend Jake ran a spyware "ring". They would spy on others via cell phones and laptops, looks suspicious right?

Emma's Father- Emma's father was the only one to survive an attack by Brandon James. He learned of an affair that Emma's mother had with him, and when he couldn't take it anymore, he split town. That's a motive if I've ever heard one.

The Good Looking Teacher- Seth Branson was the teacher all the girls had a crush on. He was having an affair with Emma's friend Brooke, and could potentially be Emma's half brother. I never looked at him as a suspect because he looked way too guilty.

The Horror Nerd- Much like Jamie Kennedy's character in the original Scream film Randy, Noah knew everything about horror films and the"rules" of the slasher franchise. He was also a tech geek that played a lot of video game and was obsessed with the Brandon James story. A prime suspect.

The New Guy- Kieran, the son of the town sheriff was new to the school with a mysterious persona. He made an immediate bond with Emma and had access to all of the files on Brandon James to make the perfect copycat. He would magically show up right after the killer had been around.

The Podcaster- Perhaps the least guilty looking of all, she was even "kidnapped" by the killer, Piper was the Gale Weathers of the series. She was in town covering a story when the killings began. She is another person that was always around after the killer had claimed a victim, and since Scream 2 and Scream 4, a female suspect is not out of the question.

The show's writers did a phenomenal job making everyone look guilty and until the second to last episode, I had no idea who it could be. Not to mention, every Scream film had two killers.

Piper and Emma
Piper and Emma

The Victims

Equally as important as the suspects are the victims. The standard slasher film rules were in play, virgins live, skanks die, don't drink, don't do drugs and don't have sex. Let's take a look at the victims, their character type and their connection with Emma.

Tyler O'Neil- He was the first victim and not much is known about him. He was in with the school b*tch and the group running the spyware operation, not exactly a jerk or a good guy, but maybe he saw something he shouldn't have. He was in Emma's circle but not a "close" friend.

Nina Patterson- Victim number 2 was the wicked witch of the high school. She used sex and her looks combined with a ruthless attitude to get her ahead. She was pretty close with Emma, but not close enough to make it obvious that Emma is the target.

Rachael Murray- A victim in more ways than one. She was the "girlfriend" of Emma's Bi-curious friend Audrey. The two were the victims of a viral video "leak". Rachael and Emma were not really friends, so that connection would warrant her untimely death. However, she was a vlogger, so maybe she, like Tyler, saw something she shouldn't have and had to be dealt with.

Riley Marra- The sweet, friend-to-everyone type. She was smart and one of Emma's best friends and potential girlfriend to Noah. She was the closest to Emma throughout her appearance on the show.

Will Belmont- Emma's jock ex-boyfriend. He was high on the suspect list, he would show up to "save the day" on more than one occasion after the killer attempted to attack Emma. He had multiple encounters with the killer, he was kidnapped and tied up, but Emma saved him. After he was saved the first time, the killer struck again, this time making Emma kill him.

Sheriff Clark Hudson- Father of Kieran and new boyfriend to Emma's mother. Much like the situation with Will, his death was not necessarily at the hands of the killer.

The Style of the Killer

The killings were very personal, even going as far as to make people kill the ones they loved. The killings in the original 4 films were brutal in a physical way, but the TV series to it to a psychological level. I personally enjoyed it as someone that has seen all of the Scream films multiple times, I wouldn't want to see the same kills and the same stories regurgitated onto the screen.

Audrey and Emma
Audrey and Emma

The Final Showdown/The Killer Revealed

Emma learns she has a half sibling and has her assumptions as to who it is, but she is wrong when the killers identity is finally revealed. The killer leaves her clues throughout the season as to their identity and the location of the final showdown, and you guessed it, it is the location where Brandon James was gunned down by police years earlier. The killer kidnaps someone very close to Emma and uses them as bait. Emma gets to the location and just as she is about to free this person, the killer shows up. Since this is the finale and the final showdown, the killers identity must be revealed, and some may be shocked as to who it is.

The killer is

Piper, the podcaster. She is the daughter of Brandon James and Emma's mother who returns to exact revenge on them for her life and the death of her father. The rant is short lived when she attacks Emma and just as it looks to be curtains for her, Audrey shows up and shoots Piper. Piper falls into the water and of course pops back up only to have Emma shoot her in the head.

Noah, Emma and Audrey
Noah, Emma and Audrey

Plot Twist/The Accomplice

As previously mentioned, the Scream films all have more than one killer. The TV series was no different. At the end, Audrey is sifting through a desk drawer only to reveal letters from Piper and a photo of Brandon James. She was the accomplice, but why help kill her own girlfriend?

I have a couple of theories.

Theory 1: Rachael was in a viral video with Audrey that subsequently ruined her social life. In high school, social life is everything, and with that tarnished, she had to do something to at least gain sympathy.

Theory 2:

Rachael found out about Audrey and Piper, so she had to be taken out.

Theory 3:

Audrey didn't think she was going to be a target. Since Rachael and Emma weren't exactly close, she figured that she would be safe. Piper killed her after Audrey stopped helping her or started to get sloppy.

Final Verdict

Scream the TV Series' first season was exceptionally great for being an MTV production. Being a fan of the original film series, I was skeptical about the show, but was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The effects were great and the cast that was chosen was phenomenal.

I was not too happy with the mask change until I learned the story behind the new one. It was, dare I say it, more terrifying than the original mask.

This series is perfect for everyone from the horror newbie to the seasoned horror nerd. I was more than happy with the announcement that there will be a season two next year.

Season 2 Predictions

The killer's accomplice will pick up where their murderous Yoda left off. They were not found out by the rest of the cast and destroyed all evidence against them at the end, so they are free to pick up the killing spree or become a target.

Piper told Emma that there was a surprise just before Audrey shot her. I think her surprise is a third accomplice, perhaps another relative of Brandon James, he did have a brother, so perhaps a niece or nephew of James. Either she will team up with this person or become their target for betraying Piper.

What are your thoughts or predictions, who did you think the killer was? Let me know in the comments.


Did you guess who the killer was?


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