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Rob Harris

MTV's VMAs have given us plenty to talk about, from Kanye's newly announced presidential campaign to Miley's relentless wardrobe changes, but not all of the watercooler moments happened in front of the cameras.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see what really happened backstage during the salacious awards show.

Emily Ratajkowski smooches all over Rita Ora

Bruno & Britney become backstage bezzies

The Weeknd is all about peace

Miley being Miley

Ice Cube and OMG claim the other one did it

Gigi Hadid spots a puppy

Jared inducts Willow into the Suicide Squad

Twenty One Pilots make some hand gestures

Selena Gomez accosts Hailee Steinfeld

Miley fondles and avocado

Wayne Coyne rocks out in a onesie

Tyler Posey is perplexed by Dylan Sprayberry's 'wassup'

Jenner gets Tygabombed

You future President and First Lady are ecstatic to be here

Rebel Wilson and Nicki Minaj hang out by some scaffolding



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